Friday, December 27, 2013

What is the Best Thing About Life?

The best thing about life is being able to live. The best things in life are many things. There are lots and loads of things that you can enumerate which would define the best thing about life. But what is the very core of all the things which life brings that you consider at its best? What is the best thing about life for you? What could be the one thing that makes your life worth living? What is truly the best when it comes to living in order for you to feel fulfilled of everything you have in everything you do?

Life is not about us. It is about what you do for others and for God. It is about how you live your life and do your best in everything for the greater glory of God. Life is all about how you dedicate your living to God. It is about giving, learning, forgiveness and doing good things to honor God.

If you are skeptic all about it then you should start trying in order to for you to see it yourself. People always say that to see is to believe. But what about faith? If life is just about you and me and the things all around us then what is life worthy for? Life is not about making money and getting rich and die. It is about honoring the one who gave us life; who love us so dearly; who gave us His only son to die for our sins. It is about honoring God in all the things we do and all the things we plan for.

Ask yourself - what is the purpose of my life? We all have our own perceptions about how we live life in order to survive. But it is a great thing that we, as human beings, have faith and believe in God that through Him anything is possible. For as long as we honor Him with His name and Glory, everything else will follow. Life is not just about being who we are or what we have to become or what we have become. It is about doing our best with all our efforts and dedication to whatever we do in bringing honor and glory to God.

The best things in life are free. And everything is free if we honor God and give our best in all we do for Him. Put Him first in everything. Seek god first and His Kingdom and everything else will be given to you by Him, by his power and His unconditional Love. That is the very best thing about life.

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