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Where Does Healing Come From? Self, Medicine, Energy Repair, Prayer, Angels, God?

Inner Peace:

What is inner peace? From my thirty years of Primal Therapy and counting, I learned that emotional inner peace is when you are non-struggling, have no defenses and have no tension in your body. As my therapist Tracee put it. When you attain inner peace, you handle life like a gently running stream that bounces off sets of rocks in the water and proceeds on its way & unfazed. From my twelve years plus of climbing the spiritual ladder, inner peace has an entirely different definition than the one I learned about in therapy. It is discovering God and developing an unshakable faith, trust, and love in Him while you gain an incredible self worth and self esteem for yourself. Once you start climbing the spiritual ladder, you will reach a point where you find yourself requesting to be guided by God. You actually merge with God so that you never face anything alone even when it seems that He is not there. No matter what happens, good or bad, you then accept life because all events turn out as they should.

When everything was finally running smoothly in the present after a lifetime of physical and mental torture due to a neurotic upbringing followed by a relentless Bipolar Disorder, I felt that I actually was very close to achieving total emotional and spiritual inner peace. The bottom fell out when my wife Marcia died of liver cancer almost eighteen months ago. My unshakable faith in God remained but my emotional stability virtually disappeared. Though her soul from the spirit world is in constant communication with me by direct thought-energy telepathy, a deep sadness set in with my love and soul mate no longer with me in our physical world. Having kicked out Bipolar Disorder out of my body through Divine Providence, the spirituality that I acquired these last twelve years has prevented my return to the severe agitated clinical depression that almost took my life in 1995.

I realize now that having just the spirituality part is not enough to give me complete inner peace because God gave me human emotions. From what I have read about the famous Chassidic rabbis of past generations, just about all of them were happy spiritual souls living unhappy lives. I take this to mean that when we choose to live in the passion of the physical world, we will have moments of happiness and periods of unhappiness. If you abdicate from the physical world, as Buddhism preaches, it is true that you can find peace solely in the spiritual world. However, when you choose to live in the physical world, you bury as much pleasure as you do pain.

If you have followed my writings on our website and books, you will realize that God has a fail-safe plan to give those of us who have acquired spirituality & eternal life in the Messianic Age. It occurred to me while writing this article that His plan also guarantees happiness. Marcia and I wrote in Putting God Into Einstein's Equations: Energy of the Soul that happiness like love originates in the Divine soul energy of your heart. The additional soul energy that God will provide those worthy to be admitted into the Messianic Age will not only give us eternal life but also a blissful and joyful life. In the Bible, God states through His Prophets that He will give us a new heart and a new spirit. Our interpretation of this prophesy is that God will open our hearts to receiving more soul energy in the form of a new spirit, a new soul. We shall truly become spiritual beings living a human life and not just human beings having a spiritual experience.

Peace of Mind:

While we are awaiting the future Messianic Age, we still have to live in this world. We need peace of mind when a crisis strikes and the bottom falls out as it did for me when I lost Marcia. Peace of mind is one step below inner peace, but we humans will take whatever we can get because we desperately need some semblance of tranquility. Otherwise no day will seem worth living and we shall be passing through life in agony until a moment in time beckons us to depart this earth. I believe that God is in charge of death and if He decides that He wants to retrieve our soul from either our diseased or healthy body, nothing in Heaven or on Earth can prevent us from dying. Moreover, we don't even have to die. In the Bible God takes Elijah the Prophet to heaven while he is still alive. It is written that Elijah will enter the walled city of Jerusalem to proceed the Messiah by a matter of a few days to herald in God's future Messianic Age.

Suppose your peace of mind is being trampled on by a bout with cancer. Wouldn't you want to know that after medical treatment you are one-hundred percent healed and that your cancer will never return again? No doctor can make such an optimistic claim. They can only offer you possibilities and probabilities because that's what the future is - a series of probabilities. If the peace of mind can't be absolute, then we'll usually settle for the next best thing - partial comfort and more time on this earth. I think it's so wrong for doctors to give a time limit on a spiritual person's life when God holds the keys to the kingdom on birth and death.

If given a choice to be healed by yourself, other human beings like your traditional doctor and holistic practitioner, or God, would you choose God or a combination of treatments that includes God's help? If you were a non-believer and anti-God the chances are that you would not call upon God even if He was your last chance to survive and live. Then again if it really came down to that final moment when all your usual anti-God hoopla and rhetoric couldn't keep away the panic and terror crawling inside your loins, you might then cry out to God or at least have silent thoughts about a Higher Power Who could save you. Is the old adage true, "There are no atheists in foxholes?" Most people, believers and disbelievers, cling to life in this physical world with all of their might.

Self, Angelic Healing, and Prayer:

How is it possible to heal yourself? We've heard many stories about clinical drug trials where if a person believes that she will get well, she improves even though she never received the active drug in the double blind study. Medicine has termed this the placebo effect. The same is true in many cases of staying mentally focused to get through your illness. Positive-minded individuals generally have a better outcome than those who are pessimistic about their fate. Studies have also shown that when you pray to God by yourself or if others who you don't personally know pray for you in intercessory prayer, you do better with the prognosis of your sickness. Why? What's behind this?

As a scientist, I hypothesize that each of us are endowed by our Creator with not only an energy soul life force but also angelic energy. This celestial energy is not found in the Devil or in any persons' souls the Devil has co-opted either voluntary or involuntary. I can't prove my hypothesis by traditional scientific experiments but based upon the premise that our bodies are vitalized by Divine soul energy, I can suggest the existence of angelic energy. If I ask my soul and God where the location of this angelic energy is, I can repeatedly measure this energy flowing counterclockwise directly above the navel. If I ask what's the percentage of our total soul energy that this angelic energy represents, we each start out with 1 percent angelic energy. However, some people may be gifted by God so that they have significantly more angelic energy that can be used to self heal and heal others.

Nothing is absolute or one-hundred percent but if angelic energy does exist within us, as I propose, then it could explain how praying to God and being positive can activate this angelic energy within our bodies to heal us. Having a negative outlook might not do this nor may the angelic energy be activated if one is positive without belief in God. There has to be advantages to believing in God and being spiritual. And if you do believe, you might be healed even if you are pessimistic about the outcome of your illness. A biblical quote comes to mind. "God offers His fragrance to all but His wine is reserved for those who are spiritual and wish to be guided by Him."

Other Healers:

When I retired with Marcia to Florida, my atrial fibrillation tachycardia was really bad and my heart was beating almost three hundred beats a minute. After an unsuccessful appointment with a Miami doctor, my cousin Roberta referred me to Dr. Weiss who was a specialist in electrophysiology. Dr. Weiss is also an Orthodox Jew and is now living in Israel. When I first saw him, I noted the skullcap on his head. When he was taking down my medical history, I said that I was going to leave my fate up to God. I have never forgotten what he replied in response to my statement of faith. "God made doctors for a reason." Everyone should use traditional medicine where it has the possibility to work. If it is not working and/or you want to seek alternative modalities, then you have every right to seek out holistic treatment centers. The best scenario is when the holistic practitioner is also an accredited MD.

What we discussed above for angelic healing is very different than those who "heal" through clearing blocked, stagnant or negative energy in you by passing positive energy into you. This is not angelic energy but soul energy. Healers that come to mind are those who practice Reiki, Qigong, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors and a category I term "freelancers" without any specialty. However one must always be aware that energy flow is bidirectional. If you pass someone positive energy, you will receive the negative energy from that person. Therefore the next person you treat could be receiving a mixture of positive and negative energy unless you have a way to remove the negative energy. All bets are off when you are talking about dark evil energy of the Devil because this is not easily removed by traditional mechanisms.


In biblical times Jesus and the Prophet Elijah among others had this angelic healing ability which they realized came from God. In modern times, healers using angelic energy are currently unknown. There may also be a quality of angelic energy associated with healing depending on the source of the angel providing the energy. The Archangel Raphael is the Angel of Healing and his angelic energy inside of you could be extremely potent for healing yourself and others. Even more powerful is the healing energy that might be given to you directly by God who of course created the angels long before humans evolved through Evolution and Creation. In the Bible, God healed King Hezekia who was destined to die but was given an additional fifteen years of life. I feel the same way about my wife Marcia who I believe was given many more years of life by God before she succumbed to liver cancer.

Nothing was working to help me get over my first episode of Bipolar Disorder in 1991 until I asked for a healing prayer from my Uncle Seymour. In my second major episode at the end of 1994, I didn't say this prayer and it took months of suffering and an almost successful suicide attempt before God intervened in my life. I leave you with this prayer originally written in biblical times for the Jewish people.

Heal us O Lord

And we shall be healed

Save us

And we shall be saved

For Thou art our praise

Thou safe a perfect healing

To all our wounds

For Thou Almighty King

Are a fruitful and merciful Physician

Blessed art Thou O Lord

Who healest the sick of Thy people

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