Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hypothyroidism - An Underactive Thyroid May Cause Depression

Do you suffer from hypothyroidism?

You may indeed have hypothyroidism if you often have low spirits, accompanied by low energy and depression. Your thyroid gland may not be producing the amount of thyroid hormones necessary to keep your body both chemically and bio-physiologically fit. This may be causing you to suffer from hypothyroidism, since your under-active thyroid is most certainly not functioning properly.

The thyroid is a very important gland in your neck, and it helps regulate your body. The thyroid takes iodine from the different foods you eat. The iodine then produces two hormones called T3 and T4. If your thyroid is not working correctly, and you do not have enough of the T3 and T4 hormones in your body for your thyroid to function correctly, your metabolism is not regulated the way it should be, causing it to slow down.

If you just happen to be one of the estimated 21 million people in the world who suffer from depression caused by hypothyroidism, you may have a lack of T3 and T4 hormones in your body, a very important fact you may not even be aware of.

Talk to your doctor about the symptoms of hypothyroidism and how depression is related to an under-active thyroid. He will perform blood tests, and discuss with you how to treat your symptoms. If your symptoms are not severe, the doctor will prescribe artificially produced T3 and T4 hormones that will help effectively treat your hypothyroidism and depression symptoms.

Hypothyroidism Symptoms and Depression

If you are one of many people suffering from an inability to tolerate the cold, suffer from depression, and are feeling weak or fatigued, talk to your endocrinologist or doctor about your symptoms to help rule out hypothyroidism.

If hypothyroidism is not effectively treated, it could lead to severe depression. Keep in mind that some drugs, such as painkillers, Amiodarone, lithium, sedatives and narcotics, can increase the likelihood of you suffering from hypothyroidism and depression. Antidepressants can also cause an under-active thyroid to behave erratically.

If you suffer from hypothyroidism and are older, don't let your depression get too severe. Treating your under-active thyroid as soon as possible can help you live a better life and prevent you from being chronically depressed.

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