Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stop Depression Robbing You of Life - Discover and Treat the Biochemical Causes of Your Depression

- Are you worn out from the fight against depression?
- Are your episodes of depression deep and prolonged, and keep coming back?
- Do you feel like you've tried everything? Feel like all options have been exhausted?

You are not alone. There is hope.

Did you know that the reason you may not be able to get rid of your depression, is because its true cause has not been diagnosed and treated? It is possible that a physical or biochemical reason for your depression has been overlooked.

The most common biochemical imbalances leading to depression include:

- Mineral, vitamin or essential fatty acid deficiencies

- Toxic overload

- Food allergies, food sensitivities and other adverse reactions to food

- Hormonal deficiencies

The sad thing is that most of the time, these deficiencies or irregularities are not ruled out in most depression sufferers. Many people are only offered antidepressant medications which don't treat the underlying physical problem. In other situations, they're offered counseling which again doesn't fix the cause of the depression.

Many of the biochemical imbalances that lead to depression can be easily diagnosed by a laboratory test through your doctor. In many cases one supplement or one hormonal medication, that specifically corrects the underlying physical problem, can resolve the depression too.

The key to treating your depression effectively, and beating it once and for all, is to find out the cause of your depression.

- One person with depression may have a nutrient deficiency because of poor digestion or diet. The nutrient deficiency may be causing the depression because it means that the brain cannot make its chemicals (neurotransmitters) properly.

- Another depression sufferer may have been exposed to a toxin through their job or hobby. Toxins can block the normal communication between brain cells, and can lead to 'abnormal' signals in the brain and therefore depression.

- Still another person may have a food allergy or sensitivity which turns on the immune system. The immune system can 'attack' the brain, so that the brain cannot function properly, and depression is experienced.

- Other people go through depression because of five different hormonal deficiencies. Women often suffer from depression during the 10 years prior to menopause, because of the changes of hormone levels in their bodies. Hormones are known to help with energy levels, memory and mood.

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