Saturday, November 16, 2013

Inexplicable Child Tantrums - Could They Be Bipolar Disorder?

It's really difficult to grasp out the truth regarding why a jovial child suddenly goes into a crazy paroxysm spell along with mood swings as well at times? The reaction would be that he requires better trouncing and that it is a case of sparing the rod. Whacking children by their parent is not their temptation but if this stage tends them to behave like this and it's quite comprehensible. Does a child have ADD (attention deficit disorder)? It might be the next question that would slightly arise in the mind.

Well, bipolar disorder might be one more reason that you are looking to. Manic depression is common name of this ailment. Don't get scared when your child face this problem because methods like medication and therapy can manage it effectively.

Let us discuss about the symptoms that epitomize bipolar disorder. One common symptom you may notice is the mood swings sometimes quickly changes and sometimes lasting for days. Separation Anxiety is another noticeable trait where children always seem to be in great fear of losing someone loved and closest to them. Agitated, terribly active and frantic behavior can also be noticed in children with this ailment. It is a strange overactive tendency but not an active exuberance of a normal healthy child. Concentrating on anything focused for a while is almost difficult task for children after this ailment. Their behavior is slightly mischievous and you can notice that these children pick up any rhyme to fight or try to step out of moving vehicle. Their parent could receive complaints regarding hounding other children.

Affected children could be beleaguered with night terrors' also called pavor nocturnus' when he goes to sleep in disturbed time. Sleep disorder can be seen in these children. They will either sleep for long time or too little than normal sleeping hours. Waking up in terrible fear along with bedwetting is also noticed. Waking up early in the morning would be difficult for affected children. Hence, that result daily problem regarding being ready for school in time.

You can see those children being beleaguered with hallucinations during the day. Therefore, proper supervision should be done for them. They also tend to have slightly strange sexual behavior.

Well, in respect to food, they have extreme cravings for sugary and syrupy foods with a lot of carbohydrates. You'll also find that this extreme craving for sugary and syrupy foods often repeated and they can never get enough.

Feeling own as superior above everyone is another trait among these children. They hate being questioning by anyone regarding their authority, if something happens as that then fighting is sure to be held. The technique of their speech is a bit snatched and rather overwrought.

It is not absolutely necessary that every child who is mischievous or tantrum-prone or extremely very active is afflicted from bipolar disorder. Overall, if you noticed majority of these symptoms in your children then as a perfect parent your foremost responsibility is to check him/her with the experienced and reputed physician.

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