Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chinese Medicine Treatments - Depression

Western medicine has its own treatments for Depression. This is no less true of Eastern medicine, specifically TCM- Traditional Chinese Medicine. Their belief is that Depression and Anxiety are really heart problems. The cause is constriction of emotion in the chest. Brain chemistry issues are symptoms. There are causes or triggers just as there are in Western medicine.


Causes or triggers include loss - fear of loss and/or memory of loss. Repressed expression and other life events also cause restriction of the flow of Qi and blood in the center/upper body. This is called Liver Q1 Stagnation. Heat in the heart is over stimulation that is marked by anxiety, insomnia, and other serious conditions. Panic attacks, heart arrhythmia, and some forms of anxiety are also triggered by Liver Q1 Stagnation. Treating Liver Q1 Stagnation is done by releasing the Q1 in the chest drugs can help but push-ups work as well as Prozac.

Chinese herbs

Chinese herbs are used to ease Depression Symptoms including Anxiety. Alone Chinese herbs have a mild affect on depressive symptoms. Together with other herbs specific to treating Depression are very powerful.

Some examples of Chinese herbs include Chai Hau- Bupleurum a surface relieving herb. It is used to treat colds. The effects are greater if a bit of mint is added to it. He Huan Pi- He Huan Hua is Mimosa bark/flower (albezzia) is a heart nourishing herb. When it is combined with Dun Shen (Salvia Miltorrhiza) a very powerful result occurs. Other Chinese herbs such as Poria-fu shen, red Dates (Hung Zao), and Wheat Berries are also herbs used in Chinese Medicine Treatments- Depression.


Borrowed from the West, the Chinese use anti-depressant medications in treating Depression. They use many of the same drugs that Western medicine uses. The results are likely similar as well.

Western Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements include the herbs Chamomile, Milk Thistle and Valerian to name just a few. These herbs and others known to ease Depression are blended with vitamins, minerals, and other nutritive substances. They must be made to pharmaceutical standards.

They must also test the ingredients' metabolism at the molecular level and test the interactions of the ingredients. This is to guarantee their potency, effectiveness, purity, and safety.


Chinese medicine treatments for Depression include specific herbs and anti-depressants. Depression is believed to be a heart problem because emotions can cause chest constriction. Anti-depressants are used in treating Depression.

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