Sunday, September 8, 2013

Where Does Workplace Mobbing Get Started?

Workplace mobbing can best be described as two or more people that target an individual to bully, harass and make their working atmosphere and their personal life totally undesirable. Research has shown that bullying and mobbing start in a child's early years of development and continues into their adult life.

We have all heard about or even experienced that playground bully in school that bosses around the other kids or takes their lunch money every day by way of intimidation. They always have a small group of other kids that are followers who laugh and taunt the target of this bullying.

This is where the mob mentality is developed which persists into adulthood and ultimately into the workplace. These same personalities that caused so much stress in childhood and developed the organizational skills to gather a mob have progressed into the workplace as bullies not to mention what they do in their personal relationships.

Workplace mobbing can be a particularly unhealthy environment to be in especially if you are the target of the mob and its leader. It can lead to not only psychological problems but actual physical ones as well. There is a much higher stress level involved with being the victim or even friend of a victim which is extremely unhealthy and can cause all kinds of physical ailments such as persistent headaches, stiff necks, manic depression and even cancer and heart attacks.

If you find yourself the target of this type of workplace harassment you need to take it to your upper management, HR department and immediate supervisor to put an immediate stop to it. Your psychological and physical health depend on it. Our workplaces are stressful enough without the addition of being bullied by a bunch of other people wanting to be a part of the bully's group.

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