Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Biology Topic You've Never Considered - Life Spans and Laughter - Why Do Comedians Die Young?

They say that laughter is good for the soul, and people with a good sense of humor last longer, that is to say they live longer, able to laugh their way through hardships. Well, is it true? There seems to be a difference between sarcasm, and humor, and it is a big difference.

Someone who is jaded in life, perhaps due to previous hardships, and somewhat cynical in many regards, probably let's a lot of negative things effect their personality, and this will probably affect their immune system, although no one knows for sure. Worse, there is no empirical evidence of what I am about to suggest.

Okay so, have you noticed that some of the top comedians never seem to live into old age, and only a few of them have - folks like George Burns and Bob Hope. But most of the modern-day comedians die well before their time. Why is that?

This is not a biology topic that you can find anywhere, and you can go to Google scholar and there are no research reports on this. And even though conventional wisdom, and urban myth seems to indicate that people who have a good since the humor live longer, which may be true - it cannot be proved, and there are far too many examples of just the opposite.

Still, we know from the best comedians, that they don't often live into old age. Is it due to their negativity - they have to find negative things to make light of for their routines? Is it due to the type of comedy? Is it due to the stress of entertaining on stage? Is it due to the fact that they are constantly making fun of other people, and maybe other people are sending them back negative vibes?

Is it because they feel like everyone likes them only because they are funny, and not for who they are - imposter phenomena? Is it because they are somewhat manic depressed underneath all that, and they've created their humor as a shield or as an appearance of being happy?

Do they spend their lives making other people laugh, because their lives are dismal, or they feel inadequate or depressed? We know depression isn't good for longevity in life, in any case, this needs to be explored further. And I hope you will please consider this biology topic.

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