Saturday, September 14, 2013

Overweight and Depression - A Vicious Cycle

In the United States, statistics show that overweight and obesity are the primary causes of depression. Overweight leads to various health diseases like heart ailments, colorectal problems, diabetes and hypertension to name a few. Once you are ill that's where depression comes in. Decreasing one's quality of life causes misery. Being socially unacceptable will let you feel more degradation. Slowly you could feel that you are being isolated. Out of focus and without enthusiasm in life alienates overweight people to the point that they lost interest in their jobs. All of these become problems that could take its toll on how you handle life emotionally and eventually leading you to become more depress and later on to obesity.

Depression meanwhile can be attributable to various problems that surround a person. While depressed, the body secretes a stress hormone called cortisol that responsible in enhancing appetite for many depressed people. It allows fat to be deposited in the abdomen and waist making it a potential risk and hazard to a healthy body. Overweight will be an issue that will lead to various illnesses and further depression. Irregular diet may seem to contribute to depression. A depressed person lacks essential nutrients that lead to crave more food. Overeating and lack of exercise are the results of depression. Overweight follows, a fear that teens avoid for it can cause lot of stress, anxiety and worry, which will lead to deeper depression.

People who are overweight and suffering from clinical depression lead to diverse symptoms of severe emotional and mental disorder. Professional help is advised so that a good healthy diet must be planned before hand to address the issue and finally break the cycle. An improved diet tends a person to be less depressed and in return can shed excess weight. A positive outlook in life remains to be an ideal driving force joined by a discipline undaunted by failure and surrender. If a person wants to overcome overweight and depression, one must not leave a specific program designed by doctors and dieticians expert in the field so that improvement and progress will not be delayed and hampered. A struggle is not a struggle without a fight and an effort to reduce weight and depression is a great fight. So stop being an overweight person and lose those useless pounds by keeping positive so that depression will not come to you thus ending a vicious cycle of unhealthy living.

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