Sunday, September 8, 2013

Anxiety and Depression - Fighting the Fight

Anxiety and depression can some of the most difficult human conflicts to go through. You're left weakened from the inside out and often the chances of totally curing your illness seem bleak at best. Now you may be saying to yourself that anxiety is a totally different problem than depression and in a way you are right but they are so closely related that often times when a person suffers from one they suffer from the other.

Depression is a medical condition which can affect a person both mentally and physically often causing severe mood swings or chronic physical pain while anxiety can become so great that a person loses their ability to breathe. Often times a person who is suffering from an anxiety attack will have difficulty breathing describing the feeling as though someone were sitting on their chest. One of the most common prescriptions handed out for anxiety is Xannax. Unfortunately many people develop a chemical dependency on this drug as it is highly addictive. It ranks in near the top of prescription drugs most likely to be illegally sold on the street.

Treating just anxiety would do very little for the person as the depression would be left to run free. The symptoms of depression are too many to list but often time people associate a feeling of sadness with being depressed. This is partially true as many people will feel depressed in life especially after a tragic event such as the loss of a loved one but clinical depression is much more than that. Whereas a healthy brain can adjust to these feelings of sadness and overcome them a person suffering from depression will not simply be able to overcome the symptoms. They may retreat from the world missing social events or activities as well as completely cut off contact with friends or family. They in a sense withdraw to their shell.

The depression can bring on unexplained physical pain or fatigue which lends itself to the reason a person may not feel like getting out of the house and doing anything. A person suffering from clinical depression may spend 20+ hours in a bed only getting up to use the bathroom and perhaps eat something. They are constantly bombarded with feelings of hopelessness and often may ask themselves what the point of living is. Their dreams and hopes dashed, this person may become suicidal or even homicidal.

One of the most important things for a person suffering from depression to realize is there is help. Different types of treatment include seeking professional help such as counseling and could also include being administered prescription drugs to help combat the symptoms of depression. Lesser known alternatives include using herbs to treat the illness.

Regardless of which route a person chooses to take in their fight against anxiety and depression there are treatments available that show high success rates. There is no reason to live with the pain of these illnesses and absolutely no reason to have to live with the panic attacks that come along with them. Everyone has the right to feel comfortable inside their own body.

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