Thursday, August 8, 2013

What About Free Laughter Online? Not a Joke

It is an inescapable truth that we live in a stressful world and stressful times. Everyday we all are face stress at many places at home, at work. There is no one who can say that he is stress-free. Everybody is stressed by something, parents, Children, teachers, students, young, old, admin, I mean everybody. It is something that everybody experiences from time to time that causes us some degree of tension, anxiety, anger, disturbance and depression. What is the best way to handle depression? What can I do about it? How can I get relief from stress? Well, the answer all of these questions is very simple. Here's one free method to beat stress - Laugh.

It may sound funny to you, but it is absolutely true. Laughter is one of the best prescriptions for stress relief. A rollicking laugh fires up and then cool down your stress response. Laughing helps you relax, and not only this-it helps other people relax, as well. Laughing brighten our perspective, improves our quality of life, and lightens the load. Laughter adds enjoyment to ordinary things. It is to a life what cream is to a cake. Laughter develops our level of confidence and makes us more creative. We become in tune with our natural state, which is basically joyful. Laughter can turn a sad day into joyful one. Researchers indicate that laughter significantly reduces the effects of stress, lower your blood pressure, cholesterol and increases the oxygen in your body at both cellular and organ levels.

How can I make myself laugh? Well, there are several methods to get your laughter motor going. One of the best way is Jokes and funny sayings. They are really fun to read and can help out in almost any situation. They make you laugh when you are sad. They bring grin on your face when you are stressed. Funny saying on good colored posters on work space can really brighten up the work area and keeps your mood good & fresh throughout the day. One can even put funny sayings on his t-shirt and grab everyone's attention on the street. So, Funny sayings, indeed, keeps your laughter motor going smoothly.

Simplicity is beautiful, so keep the life simple, to make it beautiful. Live life with love and joy. You need not to make those hassle filled activities like going to cinema and spend money to reduce your stress. Instead of these hassled-filled activities, just turn on your computer and read some funny sayings and jokes. It doesn't cost you even a single penny and it is better than going to cinema. So guys, Sit Down! Relax and read some funny sayings. I bet you will feel good after going through funny sayings. These funny sayings give you nothing but 200% happiness and laughter - that is my guarantee.

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