Saturday, August 10, 2013

Understanding Your Moon-Sign

Almost everyone knows their 'Sun-sign' or what is sometimes called a 'Star-sign' but few of us understand our Moon-sign. This is a shame, for the sign of the Moon is a vital element in self-knowledge and understanding. Sun-sign astrology has developed because of its commercial viability - you only need to know your day of birth in order to be categorised as one of twelve signs. Your Moon-sign however is not quite such a simple matter!

Your Moon-sign is not related to your day of birth in the same way your Sun-sign is; just because you were born on 1st September for example does not make your Moon-sign Virgo or Pisces, in the same way that your Sun-sign would be guaranteed to be Virgo. Your Moon-sign could actually be any one of the twelve zodiac signs, Aries through to Pisces. To find it we would have to look at the ephemeris for your exact date of birth, and look up the Moon's position.

The Moon represents our instinctive self and is related to innate personality more so than the Sun. The Moon shows who we are when we are not trying to be anything else; it is symbolic of our habitual way of being and says something about our emotional responses and the way in which we need to be nurtured. The Moon also suggests something about how we are at home, in domestic settings, and perhaps about our family of origin. If we do not recognise the needs of our Moon-sign we may quickly become unhappy and depressed. The Moon is a sensitive planet, and she needs to be fed in a particular style, this style being dependent on her sign and placement in the birth chart.

Let's say you have Moon in Aries - then your instinctive needs revolve around independence, initiative and action. If you are smothered or asked to compromise once too often, you will suffer! With Moon in Gemini you simply must have mental stimulation, to be able to breathe the ideas which are your very air and nourishment. A Moon in Scorpio needs to brood, to engage with deeper, darker elements of the self whilst a Moon in Pisces simply must have an outlet for escapism in its life: music, spirituality, the occasional glass of wine, movies, just something to take it out of the realm of the everyday.

Moon in Sagittarius has to have boundless room to feel nurtured; it must sense that life's possibilities are still open and stretch far and wide. Moon in Taurus must have comfort and security; it will resist change and feed itself on the accumulation of resources and a life built up brick by brick. Moon in Leo must shine in dramatic fashion, having the freedom to be creative and playful whilst Moon in Virgo requires the calm and order of a carefully planned routine. Will the Moon in Libra ever be happy in an ugly environment where people shout and aggress? - never! Calm and aesthetically pleasing surroundings are essential to its very well-being.

Moon in Capricorn has to be taken seriously and needs its responsibilities to feel that life is as it should be whereas Moon in Aquarius cannot bear to live without its principles and concern for others. The Moon in Cancer needs protection, a haven of homely safety within which to explore the ebb and flow of its feelings.

Starting to get the idea? This little taster of the Moon in the signs may give you an intimation of how fundamental the Moon is in our basic character, and how important it is to nurture her in a manner that accords with our authentic selves.

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