Sunday, August 4, 2013

Effective Tactics For Fighting Depression Naturally

Fighting depression naturally without the use of prescription medications can be a possible option if your symptoms are mild enough to manage yourself. This approach involves holistic treatment for depression that uses strategies to address issues of both mind and body.

Mood issues like depression often have a psychological and a physical basis. Since each case is unique, it's important to evaluate your situation to see if there are unresolved emotional issues that are behind your feelings. If you're unable to pinpoint an emotional cause, and if you haven't had a physical checkup for a while, it may be a good time to do so.

Stress reduction along with diet and digestive system health are two important issues to pay attention to in addition to unresolved emotional issues.

If you're experiencing depression and/or anxiety on a consistent basis, learning stress management skills will be something that can help you feel more in control of your emotions.

Relaxation training with meditation, neurofeedback or biofeedback can help you learn to release excess stress before it builds up and becomes a problem. If your daily life routine tends to be sedentary, including some form of enjoyable, regular exercise can be another easy way to keep stress from building up.

Diet and digestion can play an important role in depression and anxiety symptoms, according to current research. A very sensitive nervous system is found throughout the stomach and digestive system. This is called the enteric nervous system and it can be affected negatively by excess stress which will impair its ability to digest food properly.

Highly processed foods containing artificial additives can aggravate this situation by causing a possible allergic irritation of the digestive system. Some diet adjustments may be helpful in easing symptoms.

To ease any irritation in your digestive system, gradually making a switch from highly processed foods to organic, natural foods can be helpful. This is easier than it sounds since you can now find ready made natural food in the health food section in many grocery stores.

Also, finding and eliminating food allergens from your diet can sometimes make a big difference in depression symptoms. Common allergens include, grains (gluten), dairy products, refined sugar and highly processed fats (trans fats).

Herbal Remedies and Supplements for Depression and Anxiety

Herbal remedies and dietary supplements can be another effective tactic to help ease symptoms. St. John's wort is by far the most well-researched and proven herbal remedy for depression and anxiety. If your symptoms include insomnia, passionflower is a natural, herbal tranquillizer that works well in combination with St. John's wort.

Fighting depression naturally will involve a strategy that considers different issues from both a psychological and a physical basis. Stress reduction, diet adjustments and unresolved emotional issues are several areas to look at. If you need more guidance or an assessment of your condition, a natural health care provider can help.

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