Saturday, August 10, 2013

Teenage Depression - How Physical Illness Can Cause It

Teenage Depression and physical illness are closely related. There exist substantial evidences that physical illness is largely a contributing factor to the start and development of teenage depression. Several illnesses such as; diabetes, cancer, physical disability, chronic fatigue, chronic pain and even obesity are all high triggers of depression in adults and indeed teenagers.

Apart from the listed illnesses, illnesses that are rather considered not too serious or life threatening such as flu can also cause depression. I once experienced a long bout of depression due to prolong nasal congestion as a result of sinusitis that lasted for about 4 weeks! During this period, I always felt hopeless and handicapped. At some point, I even felt I was going to die. My depression worsened each time I remembered the fact that my response to the various treatment received was rather slow. My experience personally strengthened my convictions that depression is more prevalent in people with illnesses and the depression experienced is usually caused by the burden of not being well and undergoing treatment.

Several factors can be attributed to the causes of depression in people with physical illnesses. It is believed that biological and genetic factors are all causes of depression in people with physical illness. But from my personal experience the following are possible reasons why a physical illness causes depression;

1. The stress or problem of coping with a particular illness can be a trigger of depression or teenage depression.

2. Some medications received during the treatment of a physical illness may also induce depression, depressive reactions and subsequently depression symptoms.

If as a teenager you are depressed or as an adult you are experiencing some form of depression, please take note that it might actually be due to whatever physical illness you might be contending with. Don't also forget that the medication you are taking at the moment in treating a particular illness is also a possible reason for your depression. The good thing though, is that there are effective depression treatments available. You can find information about this here.

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