Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Winter Baby Syndrome

Social studies have shown that often children born in winter months test more poorly, often don't excel in School, and often earn less when they become adults. This mysterious social syndrome has for generation's mystified researchers, and parents alike.

Could it be children born in the worse months in a colder climate have a natural social disadvantage, or is their more to this phenomenon then we think?

Often researchers tend to discover things by accident,. or by trial or error. Recent studies have shown that perhaps modern "Winter babies" are actually born in more disadvantaged families. More single Mothers tend to give birth in the winter months, then the summer months.

The School year may also make a difference, children born during the winter tend to be at school with younger siblings- older children who mix with younger children tend to be more immature, sociologists claim.

Another reason may be that that as "winter" children grow up, they spend their initial years in an inactive environment. Cold winters mean more time at home, were "summer" children tend to be spend their early years outdoors.

In Nordic countries were winters can be long and harsh, there is no evidence that the Countries themselves fail to achieve. Many Nordic Countries have a more modern social network, and a higher standard of living then other more developed Countries.

However, researchers do show the lack of light can create depression, and light therapy is becoming a common practice to offset the effects of depression in winter. Could Babies at an early age could have more chance to become depressed?.

Other theories include one theory that "winter" babies tend to lack vitamin D, because children born in the winter, tend to have sunshine then their summer counterparts.

Still there is no one theory that has answered the question, "Why so many Winter Babies, are less successful then summer babies," but awareness of this may bring solutions that can help create more successful babies, who are born in the coldest months of the year.

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