Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mole Removal NHS

Can I Undergo a Mole Removal NHS Treatment?

Many men and women suffer with unsightly moles which can on occasions cause some distress. In the UK mole removal nhs treatments are available to help. In the majority of cases, a skin expert also known as a dermatologist will make the decision whether the mole removal can be conducted using the NHS.

Initially, and following a consultation with a skin specialist, depending upon the condition of the mole a small tissue sample may be taken to further analysis in a specialist laboratory. This is to make sure that the mole causing concern is not in any way cancerous.

The provision of this treatment on the NHS typically hinges upon whether the mole needs to be removed in order to improve a health complaint. If this is the case, then in many circumstances the mole removal will be conducted upon the NHS.

Other clinical factors to receiving mole removal nhs treatment is should the condition be causing other side effects. Clinical depression as a result of the mole is a good example.

Is there a way to remove moles without surgery?

If you are anything like me, then the thought of visiting the hospital to undergo a mole removal nhs treatment fills you with fear then there is another way.

I suffered with a mole which was just under my chin; every time I had a shave it would aggravate it causing it to be sore and very uncomfortable. After visiting my doctor to get it checked out I was told an operation to remove it would be required. I hate hospitals and would do anything to avoid being in one let alone a patient!

Typically a local anaesthetic is used which involves an injection around the location of the mole. I just couldn't bring myself to undergo this type of evasive treatment and sought out an alternative method.

Is there an effective mole removal alternative?

To my delight, I managed to avoid visiting the hospital completely and within just 4 days my mole reduced in size considerably and now several months later has completely gone. The treatment is entirely painless and is conducted from the comfort of your own home, in your own time. This type of treatment was right up my street and if your suffering in a similar way then be assured there are much more painless and effective home treatments available.

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