Monday, August 26, 2013

Recognizing the Signs of Depression and Plotting a Course For a Better Tomorrow

If you are currently feeling depressed chances are it has been with you for a while, gradually eroding your zest for life and social interaction. You now have reached a point where the small things that used to make you happy no longer do, you tend to sleep either too long or too little; you are constantly feeling tired and just plain worn out; nervousness and agitation are your constant companions; and mentally you live in a mental fog full of depression signs and symptoms. In other words you are just falling apart both emotionally and physically.

But always remember that when signs of depression occur it doesn't mean you are weak or a lesser person than you used to be. It only means that your view of the world has changed to a more pessimistic perspective. Is your new world view a product of personal negativity or is the collapsing world around you causing your darker world and person view to persist? Probably the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

According to the World Health Organization you are not alone. At last estimate on any given day 125 million people suffer from depression. The vast numbers might suggest that most of those exhibiting depression signs are being influenced by a world that seems to be collapsing around them. Examples would financial pressures, loss of loved one or personal friend, a job loss, failure to find a new job, marital problems, illness, and divorce. Regardless depression is a very serious problem that can impact anyone and is beyond the control of most people once it appears. Just as disturbing are friends who aren't feeling low offering hollow advice such as "to just get over it" but we both know if it was that simple you would, after all you don't like feeling this way.

What can be done to turn the corner once the signs of depression become clear?

The more isolated you become the harder it will be to sustain the effort it will take to send depression packing. But you know better than anyone else the more depressed you feel the more difficult is to interact socially. So you must at least make an attempt to maintain your close relationships and participate in social activities before you are dealt out of the group. Let's look at a few ideas to gain the upper hand on depression signs and symptoms.

*Reach out to close friends and family members: Forget about what they might think about you or what you are going through. Instead remember that these are the people who love and care about you the most. They will be more than happy to help you through this difficult time if you just give them a chance.

*Follow through with social activities even if you really aren't felling your best: It is important to remember that from a biological perspective depression is caused by a shortage of serotonin and possibly dopamine. These are feel good brain chemicals which are produced when you interact, laugh, or have that feel good stimulating conversation. Additionally, many social activities involve exercise which increases oxygen to the brain, eliminates toxins from the blood, and causes the body to secrete feel good endorphins.

* Herbal supplements for depression and support groups: Also both good ideas. Herbs such as Saint John's wort, passion flower, and lavender have all been shown to lift mood. Support groups will be filled with others who are struggling with the signs of depression and may help you gain a clearer introspective into you own situation. You can also encourage each other, give and receive advice on how to cope, and share your experiences.

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