Friday, August 2, 2013

Depression - A Dangerous State of Mind

Are you melancholic always? Are you blaming yourselves for every nasty things in life? Are you losing confidence in facing people? Are always being alone? If the answers are yes, you are an ideal candidate of depression.

Depression is a state of mind where the person withdraws in to a shell, shuns the normal routine ways of life, gets irritated at every small things, refuses to face people and continues to remain alone and aloof. Depression is often caused by frequent failures in life, either small or large. Depression causes jealousy, sense of failure, dejection, a tendency for putting the blame on oneself, sleeplessness, unnecessary and unjustified fear, loss of confidence and many more symptoms.

Depression is brought about by loneliness and a sense of failure. Every person goes through such periods of depression in life but the real test lies in how long the depression lasts. The longer it lasts the lesser the chances of getting back to normal ways of life.

The best way to beat depression is to remain always engaged in some activity or the other . Never let the brain remain idle. Keep yourself engaged. Reading, Writing, or doing crossoword puzzles are some of the best ways to beat depression. A good company helps. But cannot be always taken for granted.

Never think about the past or the future. Think about the present. Living in the present is the best way to ensure a restful life. Depression is not a good thing. It wreaks heave toll on the body as well as the mind.

Never allow yourself to be depressed.

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