Sunday, July 28, 2013

Manic Depression - How to Recognize it?

Manic depression is a common psychiatric disorder of the modern world. It causes a number of major changes and disruptions in physical health and lifestyle of a person. Manic depression is more popularly known as Bipolar disorder.

Mood swings is a very common characteristic of person suffering from bipolar disorder. People with Bipolar disorder can be sad and hopeless but sometimes they are on the top of the world. In Bipolar disorder mood of a person swings between 2 opposite poles - extreme happiness and extreme sadness.

Persons with Bipolar disorder generally face a mixed state. It means that they can face the symptoms of both mania and depression. Manic depression manifests cycles of mood swings. In between these cycles affected persons lead their life very normally. Manic depression can lead to financial, marital and family problems. It can generate suicidal thoughts too. It can also lead to aggressive behavior in a person. In order to treat their problem some people turn to drugs and alcohol abuse.

Generally signs of manic depression start appearing in late twenties. That's why sometimes it is considered as normal teenage behavior. At the age of 25-40, symptoms become obvious and can be recognized easily.

There is no racial boundary for this disease. Both men and women can suffer from depression. Depression is a long term disease. But it can be treated with early diagnosis and proper treatment.

If you or your loved one is going through some of the above symptoms then it is a smart idea to visit a Psychiatrist as Early as possible.

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