Monday, July 29, 2013

Know the Signs of Teenage Depression

Being aware of what the signs of teenage depression are is the first step in curing the disease. Oftentimes these signs are overlooked and pushed aside as a result of ignorance. The general belief is that teenagers are supposed to behave in a way contrary to standard procedures. However, with more knowledge, parents, teachers and others will see that much of what is being expressed are actual signs of teenage depression.

A common sign of teenage depression is sadness. When this sadness lingers for an extended period of time it is cause for concern. If not properly addressed this sadness will affect relationships and the general life of the teenager. This includes poor school attendance, low grades, running away from home and resorting to alcohol and drugs in an attempt to eliminate the sadness. This sadness contributes to the teenager having difficulty sleeping, concentrating and becoming isolated.

Anger is another sign of teenage depression. Depressed teenagers resort to anger, especially when they feel as if there is no one around to whom they can relate. The expression of this anger comes in more than one form. They may physically harm themselves or others, destroy property which may include kicking or punching objects. Anger in depressed teenagers may also take the form of verbal abuse, sarcasm or antisocial behavior.

The depression manifests itself also in the form of anxiety. The environment in which is a teen is raised contributes a great deal to this anxiety. The anxiety may be as a result of childhood abuse, family responsibilities or may even be caused by parents who are themselves depressed.

Other signs of teenage depression include having a low self esteem, no longer showing interest in personal appearance, or taking part in activities they once loved. The depressed teenager will oftentimes develop bad habits and get involved with bad company. They develop poor eating habits which may lead to anorexia or obesity. The most disturbing sign of teenage depression is suicidal behavior. Whether it is in the form of speech or action, it requires immediate and appropriate attention.

Depressed teenagers usually do not understand why they feel and behave the way they do, let alone to rid themselves of depression. They rely on parents and guardians to identify and solve their problems. The more adults familiarize themselves with the signs of teenage depression, the better able they are to address and eliminate the problem.

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