Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Depression In Men - Danger Signs Of Male Depression

Depression is a malevolent disease that affects around 10% of women and 3 to 5% of men worldwide. While there is no clinical classification that separates male depression from female depression, clinicians have reason to believe that depression in men may take a different curve from the way women face depression.

Clinicians have discovered that males react to depression in a different way from females. Depression in men is manifested with more dominance in certain symptoms, as opposed to the symptoms that women experience.

Men experience depression with more aggression than women. Men are more prone to irritability and sudden anger. Women, on the other hand, are more prone to show depression by lethargy and a feeling of low self-worth.

Males are also more prone to showing greater risk-taking behavior, more aggression, and are more likely to manifest a loss of self-control.

Male depression is far more dangerous in that they tend to attempt suicide with methods that are more likely to result in death.

Depression in men is rather alarming because males tend to clam up instead of talk about their feelings. Men would rather bottle up emotions as opposed to talking to others about these. This would result in the man's family and friends not being aware of the internal goings-on in their depressed loved one.

This disconnect from social and psychological support only exacerbates the condition, and would intensify the motivation for suicide.

What is more dangerous is that men are more likely to use "fool-proof" suicidal methods that increase the chances of death truly occurring. Because of this, depression in men should be watched more closely and not taken for granted.

If you note that your father, brother, husband or any other close male friend or relative has changes in behavior: i.e., anger/aggression and irritability are more frequent and intense, try to take note of his behavior, observe, and try to reach out to him. It would help your loved one if you would take an understanding stance towards his illness and be supportive all throughout.

Depression in men may be more alarming, but still has remedies. Just be observant, aware, and remember to care enough to be involved in what he is going through.

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