Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Postpartum Depression Symptoms to Look Out For

There is a difference between the baby blues and postpartum depression. There are many women that will suffer from the baby blues, but it is perfect natural. The sudden drop in hormones will bring on emotions without warning. However, this should only last for a couple of weeks; the body will help to regulate the hormones by then.

It is important to look out for postpartum depression symptoms to know if the new mom needs help because it is a serious condition that can affect the health of the new mom and the baby.

The main symptoms are all very similar to the normal symptoms for depression. They will start shortly after the birth of the baby and can often been seen as extreme tiredness or a problem with the concentration. Usually, the new mom will have trouble sleeping and it will affect the way that she is during the day. Because of the sleep deprivation, walking and talking may be a little difficult and the new mom may be more confused than normal.

A change in the weight is often seen with postpartum depression. Of course, the new mom will start to lose the baby weight but she may lose more than that. Many women stop eating properly and will not eat enough calories to survive. There are some women that will go the other way and will eat to help cope with their depression; these women will end up putting more weight on.

If these postpartum depression symptoms are not treated, there is the risk that the condition can become worse and turn into postpartum psychosis. This is extremely dangerous because the new mom will start to have thoughts of suicide or will want to harm the baby.

The main sign that the depression has turned into psychosis is that the new mom will start to switch moods extremely quickly. She will also become more agitated and could start to hallucinate. This is dangerous because there is no telling what she will start to see in her head and act upon. When the condition gets like this, it is very important to see a doctor immediately; antipsychotic drugs may be prescribed to help with this.

Catching the postpartum depression symptoms early could really help the new mom handle the problem herself. There are a number of treatments available and many are now natural and options for the home. Just a healthy diet could help dramatically.

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