Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You're Depressed Because You Are Ugly? It's Not Your Fault

I do know of some people who suffer from depression because they dislike their external appearance. This may happen because their friends always make sarcastic remarks of their looks all the time.

If you are an example of such a victim, I must make you realize that loving your body all begins with your physical self. Break your body into several component parts. Make a list of what body parts you find objectionable. Start from the top and go all the way down. Make a very long list.

Now, you have picked the physical attributes that you dislike. If they are parts of the body that can be changed, make changing them one of your goals. If you feel depressed because you have a big stomach, flabby thighs or arms, make huge efforts and commitments to change those.

Of course, there may be some parts that you disapprove and cannot be changed (for example, your physical features). They can be viewed in a totally different light. If you are not the person who is depressed due to such issues and you are reading this article now, make an effort to highlight to the depressed patient that he is letting other people dictate what is attractive for him/her. Whatever parts of the body that he/she doesn't like, is actually contemporary society's definition of external beauty.

As a medical practitioner, I have always felt pity for such patients. When they sink into clinical depression due to such reasons, it is very hard for them to be honest with themselves about self-acceptance. Therefore, I try to use orthomolecular psychiatry instead of prescribing anti-depressants for such people to lead more fulfilling lives.

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