Sunday, June 2, 2013

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety - The Root

Our brains are not biased to our wants or don't wants.At one point, it was thought to be impossible to overcome. The depression and anxiety. The anger, the fear...the emotional disorders. While these issues are very different from one another, the scientific system they operate on is the same.

Drugs and medication don't fix the problem. They indirectly make it more tolerable, which ultimately only supports the condition - the depression, the anxiety. Unfortunately, many well intending organizations only support the issue by the very way they try to correct it. You'll understand why in a bit.

Our bodies, our actions, are simply an end result of our beliefs and habits. Scientifically, beliefs are NEURAL NETWORKS on our subconscious mind, and these neural networks are what command our bodies. They control everything: the healing, the operation of every cell in our body, our balance, sleep, etc. This leads me to mention that what we consistently focus on directly or indirectly, become part of our beliefs. You may have noticed how people who are constantly concerned about getting sick, are always sick. People who believe they're experiencing depression and anxiety, will be noticing everything that states the symptoms of depression or anxiety or whatever the case. This, my friend, only affirms your thoughts about the condition.

Let's step a tad deeper now.

In a nutshell, there are two mechanisms in the brain that are making this happen real-time. The one that we'll talk about in this article is called the RETICULAR ACTIVATING SYSTEM(RAS). The RAS is like a search engine in our brain, constantly searching for "data" or things that support our beliefs. Just like you use Google and enter a keyword or phrase, the RAS is on the lookout for the "keywords" of our brains: our beliefs. The data that is found, is then forwarded over to our conscious mind, and ONLY then do we consciously, or knowingly, recognize it.

To illustrate, think of how before you bought your car, you never really noticed how many cars just like yours are on the road. Then after you bought it, or really started looking into it, you began to notice a lot more of them. It's not that your eyes didn't see them before, it just wasn't what your RAS was looking for, so it got spit out before it came to your conscious recognition.

Our brains are not biased to our wants or don't wants. It works with the material we feed it - the things we focus on. So if depression and anxiety are part of our focus, they become our beliefs. Our beliefs then instruct the brain to find that. The RAS begins to notice the articles that talk about depression and anxiety. We'll start to see the depression and anxiety related shows and stories and stats. We will begin to learn from these articles and shows, etc about how difficult it is...but what's really happening scientifically is:

...we're creating reference points in our brains, suggesting that difficulty is associated with depression and anxiety, and that depression and anxiety are associated with us. Not a good time. But the brain just does what we tell it to do. It's like a field. The field doesn't care whether you plant a poisonous or edible seed, or both. It will return whatever you decide to plant. Our brains will return whatever thoughts and feelings we decide to focus on.

To your success,
Dennis Andrew

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