Thursday, June 6, 2013

Unsure You Have Depression? Examining Depression Symptoms

Depression is not a hidden illness. People facing these disorders exhibit evident symptoms which according to doctors are signs of clinical depression. On the other hand it can be said that it is quite easy to overlook these symptoms and as a result be unable to help one self.

It is not necessary for a person to possess all the symptoms to be said to be in depression. In addition the time of attack also varies with the symptoms. Hence if a person shows considerable symptoms, they should be diagnosed.

Some of the basic symptoms of depression are:

Extended sessions of sadness or not having a "drive". A feeling of wanting to be out of everything rather than being in it. Feeling bad about oneself is the best symptom.

Feeling disgusting, pessimistic; another common symptom is having no target, nothing to look forward to. This feeling combined with perennial pessimism is a strong symptom and gives rise to hopelessness.

A consistent feeling of guilt makes a person feel as if he doesn't deserve to be happy. This feeling of loss of self worth is a tell-tale symptom of depression. Having a feeling that one will never get what he wants, in other words having no hopes whatsoever is also a strong symptom.

In addition to having no pleasure, the loss of interest of finding pleasure; dropping things that once gave enjoyment. These symptoms show just how depressed someone can be. It is like being in a mess and having no feeling of getting out of it. It leaves a person with nowhere to go.

Consistent fatigue, always being tired: the loss of interest in the minds of people suffering from depression has drastic effects on their physical energy. They don't feel like doing anything, they don't eat or sleep adequately.

There is so much of the negative stuff going in one's mind that he finds trouble trying to concentrate. He gradually becomes inefficient in terms of his memory and also being indecisive are trademark symptoms that a person is in depression. His lack of interest in everything makes him backward and not up to date, as a result he tends to lose track of things that happened or people said. Sometimes it also leads to the person being inattentive. There is a category of symptoms which if visible call for an appointment with a doctor: inadequate or excessive sleep, regular breaking of sleep at wee hours, losing appetite or excessive eating shows ones lack of energy.

Thinking about committing suicide, talking about death, about ones intention to die are clear symptoms of depression. In addition one becomes restless and irritable as a result of poor mental health. Small disorders such as headaches, digestive disorders, various body pains, etc. are also the result of depression. All in all we can say that an unwell mind has its effects on all body parts and causes problem in most activities that a human undertakes ranging from eating to sleeping.

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