Saturday, June 8, 2013

Combat Depression With These Tips

Feeling depressed or lonely is a normal feeling in everyone's life. We tend to get upset if we fail a test, if we are rejected by a loved one or if we lose someone close to us. However, depression can be more than just being sad. It can have consequences that can take over your life, and create low self-esteem and cause health problems.

Here are some tips to help ease your mood and get more happiness out of your day:

Be sure to get enough sunlight. If you do not get enough sunlight you will not have the hormone melatonin secreted and it can put you into a sleepy and depressed state. This is one of the reasons people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, because nights are longer and they do not get enough proper sunlight.

Keep yourself busy and stay motivated. If you stay busy you will be more likely to not feel depressed as you will be too busy to notice it. Try doing things you love. Take a walk in the park, read books, do arts and crafts or any type of hobby. Set a goal for yourself, if you have a purpose in life, even if it is difficult, you can still have a positive attitude and pursue your dream, this will help you conquer depression when you have meaning in your life.

Relax. You can take a nice warm bath and listen to calming music, have a massage, and get away from your stressful tasks. Take a day to just goof off and have some fun.

Have a well-balanced diet and exercise plan. You should always avoid food that has a lot of sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Alcohol is actually a depressant and some tend to drink to try to forget their problems, however they are only making it worse. Caffeine and sugar, give you a boost of energy, and then you will hit a sudden low, making you feel even more down than before. You should exercise daily, it is a great way to combat depression because your body will produce more endorphins which makes you feel happy and reduces stress.

Start getting out and socializing. You need to socialize with friends who can offer you moral support. If you go out and have friends around you, you may find yourself feeling satisfied and enjoying yourself, which will help alleviate symptoms of depression.

You should never underestimate the power of being touched. It does feel good to have someone give you a pat on the back and words to encourage you during difficult times. So give someone a hug, you never know how much the person will appreciate it.

Keep ties with your family and friends. The love you feel by others could greatly enhance your mood and your health. And most importantly, you will live a more secure and joyful life.

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