Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Depression - Reasons, Symptoms - What Can You Do?

Depression is a state of mind in which a person goes into extreme sadness for longer time and becomes very unstable. The person suffering from depression may feel really low and depressed all the time. There are many reasons due to which a person develops such a state of mind. Anyone suffering from depression need to have very warm any loving atmosphere around. It is a serious illness that can have affects for a longer time. Such an illness can affect the daily life of the sufferer. Depression is a common illness found in our country. The number of women suffering from depression is more than the number of men suffering from this disease. Depression can affect people of any age, including children. It is also considered as hereditary illness. It is very important to cope up with this illness. The family and friends of the sufferer has to provide with good and loving atmosphere around so that the patient is free to express his feeling with others. Psychiatrist should be consulted and proper medication should be given to the patient so that he/she can cope up with depression.

There are different stages of depression such as mild depression, moderate depression and severe depression. It is good to cure the illness at early stage. Mild depression is a stage in which the sufferer can cure himself without any outside help by reading good book. In the second stage i.e moderate depression one can talk about it with friends and family and can be cured. Severe depression is the worst kind of all, as it takes longer to get cured. Special effort are made to get a patient out of severe depression. At times the patient tries to commit suicide in this stage. The person suffering from severe depression should consult a psychiatrist as soon as possible. When the number of symptoms are more it means that a person is suffering from severe depression.

DEPRESSION SYMPTOMS-The symptoms of depression are when a person feel tiredness, loss of appetite, depressed, lack of energy, etc. A person suffering from depression lose interest in the things that he used to enjoy. Through these symptoms depression can be diagnosed. The patient should consult a psychiatrist should be consulted. There are no tests that can diagnose depression but questionnaire are used for diagnose. The signs of depression are when a person starts feeling helpless, low self-esteem, feeling of guilt. In women when changes to the menstrual cycle starts taking place, it also symbolizes illness.

Depression is a kind of illness that can be cured. Person suffering from should share his/her feelings with others. Consulting a psychiatrist is the best way to deal with depression. There are various therapy treatment through which one can overcome his/her depression counseling can also help the patient. There are certain medicines, which can be consumed by the patients under the guidance of the doctor, through which one can overcome depression. Some of the medicines are cipramil, cipralex, anafranil, etc. There are some side affects of these medicines that can overcome with passage of time.

There are different kinds of depression such as bipolar depression, manic depression, etc. Bipolar depression is a condition that affects one's mood and results in swinging of mood. If one is suffering from bipolar depression than he/she can have episodes of feeling very high and very low.
Manic depression is a kind of depression whish is quite similar to bipolar depression. In this kind of illness the patient feels very high at times and gets very excited or the patients becomes really low and sad.

Therefore depression is an illness in which a person goes in extreme sadness and its curable.

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