Friday, May 31, 2013

What to Do When You're Depressed

The question "What to do when depressed"? is one that rises in your mind when you are down in the doldrums. It is often very hard to take a proper decision or even think clearly when you are depressed. This psychological condition prevents you from doing anything to help yourself or feel better.

A better understanding of this condition will help you follow the right direction whenever you recognize symptoms of depression. Being aware about depression as a temporary condition, thinking positively about the future, engaging in some mind boosting activities, and telling yourself that you are close to your loved ones, friends, and family members are helpful steps. These steps are ideal for those patients who are in the beginning stages. If you are suffering from serious depression, you have to consult a physician as soon as possible. Meeting your physician is very important for a complete physical examination and deciding what treatment is required. If you are very far from a physician, immediately contact a mental health organization for recommendation. If you feel hopeless or worthless, or are plagued by thoughts to end your life, ask your friend or family member to stay with you until your appointment with the physician. Your physicians and loved ones must be aware of your medical history, prescriptions including health care preparations or medications that you use.

Doing exercise, spending half-an-hour every day for outdoor activities, eating healthy food, relaxing, keeping away from strenuous activities and negative people, trying to keep your life simple, educating yourself about depression, becoming a successful advocate yourself, writing plans to keep the mind well and creating a support network system of at least five supporters are among the things you can do to keep away from depression. Guidance from health care providers, friends, and family members are crucial for developing these plans.

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