Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Pros and Cons of PSA Test For Prostate Cancer

The diagnosis of prostate cancer is made possible through different kind of exams. Certain exams are made on the prospective patient to be able to fully diagnose someone to have this type of cancer. A blood test is usually done to check the levels of prostate-specific antigen. Any rise of this component in the blood indicates that there is something wrong with the prostate gland of the person. PSA test can pose a lot of advantages on the screening of the patient however it can also have some disadvantages. That is why some doctors talk it over to the patient so that there will be knowledge as to how significant this test can be.

One of the advantages of prostate cancer screening by checking out the levels of prostate-specific antigen is the earliest possible time that the condition can be detected. It allows the medical experts to track what is wrong with your prostate and of course do what is necessary immediately. However, some tumors of the prostate may grow and develop slowly that is why sometimes it is not noticeable at an earlier stage and there is no evident increase of PSA in the blood.

Checking your PSA levels allows prompt treatment if ever you have prostate cancer. But not all of these types of cancer require treatment. Doctors would usually orient you about the side effects of the different treatment modalities. Sometimes, it would do you more harm than good that is why treatment may not be necessary. It is your sole decision as to what you would prefer and the doctor must tell you on what your options are when it comes to whether or not to go for a certain kind of treatment.

This procedure is a simple and short procedure because a blood sample will just be taken from you. From there, they will be able to see any abnormalities on the PSA levels. However, there are some instances where it can indicate a false result. Elevation does not only indicate prostate cancer but it also shows other problems on this part of the body. There are also some results which show no increase but then in reality you really have cancer. This means that it does not give a definite result.

Having the test can assure males whether they have or do not have prostate cancer. It gives them an answer to their questions. Although it may provoke depression and anxiety at least there is a chance to do something about it because of the earlier time that this type of cancer was noted. Submitting yourself into a test may also tell you that you do not have cancer at all. At least, you have tried your best in monitoring your condition most especially if you have just realized that you are prone to getting it because of certain factors.

The earlier prostate cancer screening has brought about a great contribution to the decrease in the death rates of patients who are suffering from this type of cancer. Through the tests, detection and prevention from any complications become a possibility.

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