Sunday, May 26, 2013

How To Stop Being A Victim And Create The Life You Want More Easily

There are times when people get stuck in a negative rut. They begin to feel like victims that are caught in challenges and circumstances that they cannot change. As a person become more negative, feels more like a victim and gets more depressed, they will often begin to think that there is no escape and no way to stop being a victim. However, there are some techniques that you can use to change your attitude and begin creating a new, and more positive, reality relatively easily.


An individual with the attitude of a victim attracts negativity. Victims are often the prey of unscrupulous individuals and often fall into dire circumstances because they just don't know what to do. One of the techniques that is taught in self defense classes for women is to "walk with confidence." A mugger will rarely strike a woman who is walking with confidence, head up, and shoulders straight. The class does not teach you how to "be" confident, but "acting" confident makes the difference. As a very famous entrepreneur once said, "The secret to success is to fake it til you make it". This woman was one of the first millionaires to start a company that no one thought would be successful.

When you have a positive attitude, you do not ignore challenges and hope they will go away, you do not deny problems or trials. But, you also do not allow negativity to take up residence in your heart and mind. Acknowledge the problem, look for solutions, move on. Make a mistake, acknowledge it, learn from it, move on. In order to change your reality, you must change your attitude or, "fake" a positive attitude until you "make" a positive attitude.

Re-Evaluate Your Goals

Goal oriented people often sink into deep depression when they have reached goals, until they create new goals. If you have never set goals, or if you are between goals, putting short-, mid- and long-term goals on paper will have a tremendous impact on your attitude and your direction. It is important to re-visit your goals and change them as you progress and to celebrate when you have reached goals.

Acknowledge Your Success

The brain cannot hold onto negative "victim" attitudes and positive attitudes at the same time. When people have a victim attitude, they often do not acknowledge their successes or think about their past successes. In order to successfully overcome a victim mentality and recreate your reality in a more positive way, you need to treat yourself like you would your best friend. People have a tendency to be very harsh and judgmental with themselves, this is not a way to build self-esteem in a friend and it is not a way to build self-esteem in yourself. Make a decision to treat yourself like your own best friend and, while acknowledging and learning from mistakes, don't hang onto them or beat yourself up with them. When you begin to feel like a victim, look in the mirror and give yourself positive affirmations. Talk to yourself as you would a friend, "I'm here for you and you are going to be OK. I am the best friend you will ever have and I'm gonna support you."

When you being to take steps to change your attitude, you will be able to take the positive steps to stop being a victim. It is all right to acknowledge mistakes, circumstances and problems, but it is very important to keep them in perspective and begin to think positively. When you begin to see things more positively you will find that positive things will start to happen. Once you become open to the positive that life has to offer, the law of attraction will begin to bring you a more positive life experience.

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