Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How To Tell If You Have Depression

First and foremost, what is depression? Depression is classified as an illness that has a massive effect on your whole body and lifestyle, is changes the way you think, move, act, sleep, eat, socialize with friends and family members and most of all it changes the way you think about yourself as a person. A lot of people don't even class depression as an illness, but in this day and age where life is getting more challenging and demanding, depression is as real as it's ever been.

Although one cannot say for sure where depression comes from what we can say is there are a number of factors that can lead to depression, they are as followed, your upbringing, how you grew up as a child, and what you had to deal with throughout those years, it has been said that if there is a sufferer of depression within the family there is a higher chance that someone who is growing up within that family can carry those traits into adulthood with them without ever knowing it. Other areas that depression can come from are social groups, especially groups that are formed in schools, this is something that is now becoming very popular, being bullied at school, and from what I've seen it's not going away in a hurry either, being bullied over time can definitely lead to depression. Another factor could be your workplace and your lifestyle choices.

Ok, so what are some signs of depression that I can explain to you about today? The first would have to be a change in behavior, being quite moody and experiencing short spells of being happy then sad without being able to explain why. Not wanting to be involved in social outings with friends and family, you may not realize this at first but over time you will start to see a pattern forming. If you are starting to notice a change in your sleeping patterns, not being able to sleep or you are sleeping too much, these are also behavioral depression signs, others would be your diet, either eating way too much or not wanting to eat at all are all behavioral signs, another would be a lack of not wanting to do anything, a sudden lack of energy, which at time I think we all suffer from, don't we.

What about the way you think, I found that most of the time your thought are controlled around negative and worrying thoughts, which leads to unnecessary stress and of course worry. You will notice your concentration levels will drop below what they normally would be at, your ability to focus and make quick decisions will become cloudy and you will procrastinate more often than not.

What about your appearance? I think that your thought will lead to your actions, if this is correct then your negative thoughts and feelings will have a bearing on your body, having depression as I've said above will affect your eating habits, and the way you go about your everyday life, fatigue will start to set in and your body will start to make some unwanted changes, you may start to suffer from back and muscle pain as well as headaches, this can all result from your thought and actions, although this is a common practice with depression sufferers.

What's a solution? If you think that you might be suffering any of the above symptoms or you're starting to show signs, the best thing for you to do is talk to someone who knows you well, just to let them know what's up, also there are a number of places that you can get some very good information from via the internet mostly for free.

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