Friday, May 31, 2013

Raw Food Helps in Depression

I've heard a lot of positive feedback about raw food, that it cures all sorts of illnesses including mental health problems like depression disorder.

So now I'm trying to look into it.

You are considered a raw foodist when you eat at least 75% of your food uncooked and unprocessed. And if you imagine that this means you graze on salad leaves all day long, you can scrape this image off your mind straight away.

Raw food cuisine can be extremely rich and intense but let's face it - it's hard work and requires pre-planning and preparation. There are pizzas and pastas and cakes and chocolate goodies as well, but it's all raw.

Raw foodists say that our body acidic, and to balance it and keep it healthy we need alkaline environment. Raw food is alkaline, cooked food is acidic. The more acid builds up in our bodies, the more bodies struggle with processing it until it get's to the point when they can not do it anymore and slowly fall apart and degenerate.

There are talks that even cancer is essentially an acid build up, and with proper detox program and raw food diet, the process can be reversed.

So far, so good.

However, supermodel Carol Alt who's been on the raw food diet for years, wrote a book about it and launched her own products says that we are individual and have to bear in mind our heritage. Where did we come from? What our ancestors were eating? For some people going completely vegan makes sense, for others - they need slightly seared fish or a plate of Carpaccio as well.

The point I'm trying to make is that before you decide to try raw food as a miracle cure, find a specialist who will test you and determine what you need exactly.

A lot of points telling us why raw food can help with depression and anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, etc. make perfect sense. You body gets healthier, receives all these necessary enzymes, vitamins and minerals, detoxifies itself and balances the chemicals in your brain responsible for your depression.

On the other hand there are still situational causes for depression (like some traumatic experience, a stressful job or dealing with people who you can't stand) that can not be helped with just changing your diet. That's where relaxation techniques and depression therapy changing your attitude to your environment come handy.

Overall, raw food diet can fix a lot of things that went wrong with your body, but don't forget to use every other aspect of treatment to deal with all the causes of your depression.

What do you think? Share your thoughts and experience here.

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