Saturday, March 2, 2013

Suicide Causes and Effects Are Linked to Depression - Depression Kills But it Doesn't Have to Be You

Suicide causes and effects are linked to clinical depression. In fact, the most recent data shows that depression is the number one cause of suicide. As a survivor of a parent who committed suicide I can at least empathize with other survivors. I know however, that obviously no one has the "same exact" feelings, but it is comforting to know you are not alone.

I did a search on Google today to know many times the search phrase "suicide causes" was searched. "Suicide causes" was searched a little over 10,000 times on a month or roughly 335 times a day. I was shocked to see other words being search about the subject (I will not reveal the keywords, a little disturbing, to me at least). So I decided to do some more research and here is some what I found...

Facts about suicide:

o 90% of all cases involving suicide mental illness is a factor.
o Over 65% of all suicides are males.
o Over half of "successful" suicides are done by firearms.

Here are some suicide signs and warnings that you are at risk (There is a link below for a more complete list)...

o Giving away prized possessions.
o Writing a will.
o No sense of humor.
o Dealing with an apparent "degrading" situation.
o Excessive guilt or shame.
o Acting irrationally and/or behaving extremely irritable.
o Being preoccupied with death or dying.
o Overly complaining of illnesses
o A dramatic change in personal appearance or neglected it. A
o Dramatic change in personality.
o Performing poorly at work or in school.
o Abusing alcohol or drugs.
o Inability to concentrate.

I am going to wrap up and relate what my counselor said to me years ago, while I was intensely struggling with my dad's death. "Francis" she said, "there is no need to make a permanent solution to a temporary problem." What truth that statement holds.

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