Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bipolar Disorder - Mania, Depression Or Moody?

When we come across people who behave abnormal and indifferent, we generally call them mentally unstable or maniacs. Such condition is clinically diagnosed as Bipolar Disorder or manic depressions. Bipolar Disorder is most commonly seen in people who suffer from depression and loneliness. They express varied mood swings very often. In such conditions, they are either too mild refraining to talk to any one (feeling depressed) or get extremely wild (symptoms of mania) by inflicting an injury to oneself or harming others as well.

While reasons for Bipolar Disorders can be related to failures, losing a loved one, job loss etc., psychiatrists also affirm that it is hereditary as well. Patients suffering from Bipolar Disorder often express irritable moods, anger, wanting to stay aloof etc. If there is a history of such mania running in the family, preventing the person from getting into such a situation helps a lot. Assuring the person of full support from family and friends, helping him to come to terms with any failure or loss, can minimize the damage.

Bipolar Disorder can be cured with proper treatment - both medically and with alternative forms. However, family members should play a major role in helping the patient lead a normal life. He should be cared well and never be ignored. When the condition remains unchanged with mere medication, hospitalization is advised where the patient is observed day and night for 10 days for various psychiatric disorders. Doctors record the behavior pattern of the patient to start the next course of treatment.

In addition to constant medical attention, the behavior of people attending to the patient and the environment he is in plays a major role. Hence, hospitals treating such patients are located away from the city in a calm and serene locality. According to psychiatrists, Bipolar Disorder is a mania which can be cured slowly with proper care and attention.

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