Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love Test - What's the Real Cause and Cure of a Man's Mid-Life Crisis?

A middle-age man often blames his wife for his own unhappiness and negative feelings. He may look outside the marriage to feel young again. His new love usually doesn't make him happy. This common scenario was described by Dr. Daniel Amen, a world-renowned psychiatrist, best-selling author and TV producer.

Who or what is the real culprit behind a man's mid-life crisis?

Usually it is not his wife. Dr. Amen says the significant cause of mid-life crises and divorce is low testosterone levels, which decline with age and bring on feelings of negativity.

Likewise, low testosterone levels have been associated with low libido, depression, memory problems. Dr. Amen suggests these are symptoms of male menopause, which we are only beginning to talk about. Yet it is a real issue that needs to be treated for many men.

Is there a cure for male-menopause and a man's mid-life crisis?

In Dr. Amen's Brain Health Report, he suggests that taking testosterone under a Doctor's supervision can make a big difference for a man's manhood, memory, mood and marriage.

Dr. Amen warns against taking anti-depressants as a one-size fits all treatment for depression because it doesn't work and often comes with dangerous side effects. Along with testosterone supplementation to relieve depression, he also recommends talk therapy and trying natural therapies like SAMe and St. John's wort, exercise, correcting negative thinking patterns and supplementation with fish oil.

How does this health news affect women?

A similar program can be used by mid-life women under supervision by a health practitioner to boost her libido, improve mood and relieve menopause symptoms.

Since hormones are heavily involved in making us who we are, these hormonal shifts often cause seismic problems in relationships. Dr. Amen says that carefully testing and treating hormonal issues for men and women is critical to brain health and the health of your relationships.

I suggest you use these smart health tips to bullet-proof your relationship against a mid-life crisis that often leads to break ups and divorce court.

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