Saturday, March 2, 2013

Second Chakra Balancing - Symptoms and Benefits

The second chakra is the one located on the sacral just below the navel, and it represents our emotions and sexuality with others. The flow of energy in this chakra can be described as something like the cohesive forces of attraction that governs chemical bonding. The sacral chakra, therefore, is concerned with our concept of attraction and the development of our relationships with ourselves and with other people.

It is where we develop flexibility and fluidity as the second chakra is generally responsible for the fluids in the body, most especially the fluids of the lymphatic system and the synovial fluids of the joints. The color of the rainbow that is associated with the second chakra is the color orange and the traditional symbol is the crescent moon, both of which represent our emotions and the relationships we build with others. The moon reflects the light that comes from the sun just as people often reflect and share each other's energies and experiences.

The chakra system is the energy center of our body that regulates our overall wellbeing. It acts as one entity and as a result, even if only one chakra gets blocked or becomes imbalanced, the whole chakra system is affected. This signifies the importance of keeping each chakra open and balanced. An open chakra leads to a balanced life and an overall sense of wellbeing.

When the second chakra is not open or when the energy that flows from it is not in balance with that of the other chakras, one can feel a huge burst of emotions and an obsession with sexual thoughts. A blocked sacral chakra can also lead to the lack of creativity, detachment from others, jealousy, guilt, oversensitivity, emotional dependency, and a poor concept of boundaries and limits.

When our second chakra is not kept open, we usually lose our attachment to our relatives and friends and we revert back to keeping everything to ourselves. However, the second chakra is also related to our feeling of self-worth and, therefore, a great imbalance and blockage of the second chakra could further lead to self-denial and self-deprivation of anything that makes us feel good.

Physical manifestations of an imbalanced second chakra also include chronic lower back pain, adrenal exhaustion, sexually transmitted diseases, and infertility. In worst-case scenarios, a blocked second chakra leads to the development of eating disorders, such as anorexia, and even manic depression.

To keep the second chakra open and balanced, we can rely on certain yoga exercises, color therapy, sound therapy, and energy healing among others. One of the easiest ways to keep the second chakra healthy is by using orange-colored clothes and having orange ornaments and decorations at home and at work.

One of the greatest benefits of having an open second chakra is having a great sense of physical gratification, emotional fulfillment, and creative expression. Having an open chakra allows for open and honest relationships with the people we love. It generally inspires a great passion for life, love, sex, and good food.

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