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Depression Warning Signs You Should Know About

you ever experience feeling sad and lonely most of the time even without a reason? Chances are you are having a depression attack. You may not realize it, but it does occur. At times, it even mixes with situations, aggravating your feelings of depression. Stressing situations such as driving a car through traffic, failing to meet a deadline, missing an important opportunity at work can all be depression warning signs.

Feeling Sad and Lonely?

You may not be aware but lingering feelings of sadness may actually be a sign that you are afflicted with depression. For worse conditions of depression, stressful conditions may not be required to trigger a depressive mood. In this case, feeling depressed may be as regular as brushing your teeth throughout the day. The major problem is that it will surely have a negative effect on your day, in your work and even relationships with your family and friends.

Usual Causes Of Depression

To be able to identify the signs if you are indeed having depression attacks, you must first understand the causes behind such attacks and learn to relate them with the symptoms of depression. No one really knows the specific cause of a depression attack at any given time. But experts were able to pinpoint depression warning signs due to years of studies and observation.


The genetic make-up of a person is said to be one of the depression warning signs and is the cause of about 80% of all depression cases. If depression lies deep in the roots of the family tree, chances are, one or more of the descendants will experience and be diagnosed with depression at some point in their lives.

In this case, the physiological relation of depression seems to have gained a foothold as the cause of depression. Other physical causes identified to be depression warning signs are hormonal changes in the body, especially in women during pregnancy and every menstrual cycle.

Aside from this, there is the so-called mental state of the person involved. There are many factors that can be identified that molds the mental state of an individual as he grows up to maturity.

Environmental Factors

Other factors that were found to have influence on the mental development of an individual are the environment, his life experiences especially the traumatic events, his relationships with his family and peers, and a low self-worth or self-esteem because of poor education and low income status.

Another depression warning sign is the family income and the level of education reached. Some experts claim that the poorer a family is, the more prone they are to experience depression. The same goes to a person with poor education. Generally, all the factors outlined that have an impact on the mental development of an individual are understood to happen simultaneously and together leaving impressions on one another like intertwined vines.

For example, a child from a low income family may be picked on at school, damaging his concept of peer relationships, which in turn, can lead to more serious bullying, and making the experience as a traumatic event and the list of events goes on and on.

Any one of these factors, which includes genetics, holds a key for the development of an individual. Both the physiological and mental development of a person seem to have a bearing as to the chances of him developing a depression attack in his lifetime.

Warning Signs

The causes presented above are actually depression warning signs. Every situation can only be defined as a trigger but they are not the root cause of a depression attack. Depression, when it is clinically diagnosed is a condition deeply rooted in the personal history of a person, his views and development are all part of the signs to watch out for in experiencing depression.

Of course, these are all based on statistics and they do not mean that an individual will necessarily develop depression just because he belongs to one or more of the groupings described above.

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