Tuesday, April 1, 2014

There Is Help With Depression Without Medication

Being effected with depression, whether a chronic ongoing problem or an occasional influx of depressing feelings, sends people looking for a way to just feel better. A doctor prescribing some type of anti-depressant comes to mind but there is help with depression without medication and it can be a much better way out of the hopelessness and emptiness of depression than masking it with drugs.

Any disorder that deals with emotions can be thought of as an imbalance of your thoughts. This would include issues with anxiety, anger, phobias, and of course, depression. As medications can improve your depressive symptoms by effecting how you processes information, so can other methods of overcoming depression that don't involve any substance. Although harder, empowering yourself through your own thoughts and the true power of your mind will be a skill that will help guide you through many difficulties that may arise throughout your life. The skill to control your thoughts is so gravely important that it should be part of the education system. However, you do have the ability, at any age, to learn how your mind, especially your subconscious mind, works. Armed with the right information and the ability to take daily action, you can overcome depression and many other mental disorders.

See your thoughts as a script for a movie.
For most people it seems as though other people and experiences are influencing how the story goes. To start taking back control, make a deliberate effort to write your script every moment of every day. If that sounds like a bit much to have to constantly monitor your thoughts and be changing them as needed, then just change your thinking right now to reflect your new perspective of having the ability to work on such a difficult task. Everything is possible with the power you have deep inside of you! It won't be easy at first - most things aren't easy when you first learn about them, but through time and consistent effort, it will be second nature.

Fill your head with positive thoughts.
Create some phrases yourself that are uplifting and empowering. Write them down and repeat them regularly - at least once a day. These phrases can be reminders of what you are grateful for in your life or statements of how you would like to be in the near future or a reminder of some of the great accomplishments you've made in your life. You can also search out a number of empowering quotes from some great thinkers to add to your repertoire of positivity. The main focus of this exercise is to fill your head, all the way to your subconscious, with a new set of beliefs that will take out the depressing thoughts.

There is much to learn about the mind and how each of us has the power to turn our life around and rid ourselves of anything that does not move us forward in life. Use these ideas above to shift your thinking in a more productive way, but be sure to seek out the many other lessons there are to be learned about getting help with depression without medication. There may be situations where medication may be the catalyst to get in a frame of mind to help yourself, but in the long term you need to learn a better way for your mind to work to be living a life free of depression and free of drugs.

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