Saturday, April 5, 2014

Manic Depression Symptoms

In most of the cases of Bipolar Depression, sometimes called Manic Depression, the symptoms are akin to other mental illnesses, therefore, making it difficult to get diagnosed properly. Normally, this manic depression is initially wrongly diagnosed as major depression.

Due to severe mood swings, manic depression is associated to other mood disorders which also confuses the patient. Its not necessary that the patient will describe each and every symptom in full minute details to his/her doctor. And this lack of proper description leads to wrong diagnosis. This is the reason for considering manic depression as incurable or life-threatening in some cases.

So, here I am going to enlist the appropriate manic depression symptoms to prevent you from getting the treatment that is not right for you. But keep one thing in your mind for certain that manic depression symptoms vary from person to person. You will have to see what is there in you.

So, go through the MAJOR depression symptoms first which always makes one confused:

1. Feeling sad like hell or in the blues

2. Losing interest completely in things the person used to enjoy, including sex

3. Feeling of being worthless, hopeless, or guilty for nothing (as a burden on others and on this earth).

4. Lack of sleep or sometimes no sleep at all

5. Drastic weight loss or losing appetite

6. Loss of energy or feeling tired

7. Restlessness

8. Loss of concentration or losing the power to make decisions

9. Suicidal thoughts

Now come the MANIC depression symptoms which you want to know:

1. Energy level highly raised, more than normal

2. Not feeling the need to sleep because of high energy level

3. A wavering mind due to too many racing thoughts in mind and mood swings at peak

4. Easily distracted mind or loss of concentration

5. Getting more talkative than usual or feeling pressurized to talk more and more from within

6. Self-confidence touching great heights than usual

7. Risk-taking factor gets increased rapidly or loss of fear in mind

8. Loss of the determination to complete the tasks in hand

9. Confused mind

These mood swings are very common but if you are a bipolar depression sufferer, then you may have times of mania and depression along with these mood swings. This can really make your life unbearable for yourself or your loved ones. But with a suitable treatment, you can get rid of bipolar depression and you can live a normal life.

An important way for you to manage your bipolar depression on your own is to keep a record of all the symptoms you observe in you. Keep a record of what you feel and at what time. Tracking your symptoms is a great help to your doctor and for a much appropriate treatment for you.

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