Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Philosophies? One Liners? Quotes? Humor? Wits?

I have been writing all these one-liners for some time. I do not even know what to call them. As I presume, Wits are only said and not written. In this confusion and due to lack of knowledge, I call these one-liners.

  • I do not believe in philosophies being exactly true, right, accurate and applicable to all life, since I myself am being a philosopher.

  • Criticisms make me feel happy that I am worthy of it but it also makes me feel sad that I doubt I am not worthy of what I'm doing.

  • The world's strongest emotions have the tendency of ruling even the whole world but and also of perishing on its own.

  • One is rich when one has a lot of money but nothing to spend for and that is the meaning of being rich.

  • The difference between stress and depression is that, hair grows enormously during depression and falls rapidly during stress.

  • In my past relationships, the ends were always longer than the starts.

  • What is philosophy in a literal sense?

  • The most interesting part of a cricket match, to my mother, is the presentation ceremony.

  • Sex is an adolescent mystery; A youngster's quest; A married's right; Or perhaps a married's rite.

  • Very often my girlfriend and I forget all differences and then start to have new differences.

  • Expecting a bed of roses is like expecting an equivalent bed of thorns.

  • My brain is a thing; It works like some kinda something.

  • Being famous or genius is either being liked or hated by people never being forgotten in history.

  • Why do not we have a "no news" day? If observed, yesterday would be lost, today would be nothing and tomorrow would be only one thing on newspapers, "No news day observed yesterday".

  • Women are possessive even about possessiveness. They think it is only for themselves. When men get possessive, they say, "You are suspecting me".

  • I do not like to reveal what I read; But, I like to reveal that I read.

  • Why is the one who is gonna die afraid of the one who has already died?

  • Freedom is never measured; but practiced freedom is measured freedom

  • From the sublime to the ridiculous is nothing but a step.

  • I do not like thrillers because the ones I suspect are never the killers.

  • Introduction in a book is the one that is always boring and the reader always skips.

  • A silver lining in a cloud is the sun's attempt to shine beyond the obstruction posed by the clouds.

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