Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Symptoms of Depression - Anxiety 101

Although anxiety and depression are related to each other and quite often need the same kind of treatment, they are not one and the same thing.

Anxiety occurs in situations where a person does not necessarily have a reason to be anxious and there are not usually any warning signs. Depression on the other hand can happen due to anxiety and is likely to leave the individual feeling sad or down.

A feeling of hopelessness and total despair is a symptom of depression anxiety and as one illness can lead on to the other these two conditions are usually treated together. Depression is more likely to occur when treatment is not initially sought for anxiety and the person is unaware of how to deal with the ensuing symptoms.

When someone is suffering with depression anxiety, all their energy is zapped and they feel tired most of the time. They begin to feel like they are on deaths door and they decide that if they can sleep all of the time, they don't have to face what is really going on and the reason they are feeling anxious in the first place.

When the symptoms of depression anxiety are caused by anxiety, there are treatment techniques such as exercise and relaxation which can be of great benefit. By relaxing the muscles you will feel less tense and by partaking in exercise the chemicals released to the brain will make you feel happy as well as affording you the luxury of releasing pent up anger and aggression in a positive manner.

When you feel healthy due to regular exercise, self esteem is enhanced and this is a key to preventing depression. Another beneficial way of treating depression anxiety symptoms without the use of medication is cognitive behavioral therapy.

This helps the person to identify why they are feeling anxious and depressed and provides them with the necessary techniques to deal with the situation. The therapy itself is concerned with reducing the attitude that bad things are about to happen as negative self talk plays a huge part of anxiety and depression.

Things can be further enhanced when you boost your energy levels by eating healthily. For example, by lowering your sugar and caffeine intake and supplementing your diet with herbal vitamins you are sure to see a naturally significant improvement in the state of your over all health.

By learning to think of yourself in a positive way you can help your anxiety depression symptoms to be reduced.

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