Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bananas a Cure For Depression?

Bananas are an amazing fruit packed with vitamins and minerals. Surprisingly, the minerals and vitamins in bananas can help alleviate the symptoms of depression, everyday stress, anxiety and the winter blues.

Bananas alleviate the symptoms of depression partially because of the protein tryptophan. Tryptophan is converted by the body into serotonin. Serotonin is a protein Serotonin regulates metabolism and brain activity, and produces a relaxed state. Serotonin helps to promote stabilized moods, and is key to the bodies' ability to regulate sleep. Adequate sleep is directly linked to better moods and lower levels of stress.

Bananas help to alleviate stress because they are high in B vitamins. B vitamins calm your nerves,. For instance, a depletion of vitamin B6 can trigger depression in individual not previously showing symptoms of depression. Therefore, a diet rich in B6 can assist in alleviating the symptoms of depression and possibly prevent the onset.

Bananas in alleviating stress because a stressed body depletes its reserve of potassium rapidly, which in turn causes an increase in your body's metabolic rate which depletes your bodies potassium much more rapidly than normal. The potassium rich bananas replenish the bodies' potassium supply, which in turn normalizes the bodies' metabolic-rate.

Ways bananas can help alleviate stress. If you are experiencing high stress levels try eating a banana in the morning. Chop it up. Mix it with some juice or pour some honey on it. Make this a peaceful time. Relax. Sit and meditate. Think happy and positive thoughts and establish a routine. The natural calming vitamins in bananas will help you through the day and bring your stress levels to normal.

Take bananas with you to work. Keep them around the house. When you feel depressed, eat one or even a small piece.

Take them for a month. Keep a logbook or a journal; track your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Record the progress of the aches and pains after the month reassess your condition. Are the aches and pains associated with depression or stress gone? Do you feel less anxious? Do you have more energy? Are you feeling better: Emotionally, physically and mentally?

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