Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Types and Causes of Depression

What is depression? What are the causes of depression? It is a syndrome that reflects a sad behavior exceeding normal grief. It is a very serious disorder and it is usually reported in the older people. The main cause of this disorder is still unknown. There are many types of depression but some important types are listed below

• Major depression
• Dysthymia
• Manic depression

These are very common types of depression. Major depression is a very severe type and it is characterized by avloss of appetite, weight changes, feelings of hopelessness and sleep changes. Similarly there are also many other symptoms of this disorder. This type of depressive disorder usually lasts for two to three weeks. Similarly the second important type of depression is Dysthymia and its symptoms are very different from other types. The most common symptom of this type of depressive disorder includes reckless behavior, pain in the different areas of body and loss of energy. The suicidal thoughts and loss of concentration is also possible in this condition. The symptoms of Dysthymia are very common and easy to observe. Similarly manic depression is characterized by loneliness, irritation and sleeping problems. The treatment of each type of depression is easy at early stages but after the appearance of complete symptoms it is difficult to cure.

If you want to treat depression then you should find out the main cause of this disease. This disease result due to several factors and reasons. But some very important causes of depressive disorder are listed below

• Stressful conditions
• Lack of confidence
• Accidental shocks
• Loss of any precious thing
• Severe injury
• Medical problems
• Divorce between life partners
• Loss of money
• Unemployment
• Loss of job
• Consumption of alcohol
• Smoking
• Headache
• Failure in the examination

These are very important causes of depression but this is not a complete list of causes of this disorder. There are also many other causes of this problem. The treatment of this problem includes the use of medicines and physical exercise. If you are suffering from this disease then you should act upon the following suggestions

• First of all you should ignore this disease and keep your mind in peace
• Create better communication and relationship with others
• Participate in sports activities like cricket, foot ball and baseball
• Avoid loneliness
• Have a better sleep
• Use nutritious food
• Use of exercise is very beneficial
• Avoid from alcohol and smoking
• Don't use medicine

If you want to treat depression without medicines then you should act upon these suggestions. The use of medications is not better at early stages of this disease. It is better to discuss this problem with your health provider because he can provide you better information.

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