Friday, February 7, 2014

Symptoms of Depression Are Different From Signs of Depression

This short article is all about beating depression. I have to admit that I am a person who suffered from lengthy bouts of depression, nevertheless after deciding to alter or shift my entire perception on life; I can now say that I possess a much happier, healthier, effective and stress-free lifestyle. I'll clarify how I went about achieving this new way of living.

As I grew older and especially when I was in my early twenties, I always used to compare my lifestyle and the way I was, with other individuals I knew, for instance my buddies, family members and even strangers. It seemed to me that my life was so significantly more of a struggle than what theirs was and that most of these people had so much more going for them and so much more to look forward to than I did.

I was not happy at the situation of my life at that time, and I would frequently found myself feeling sorry or depressed. I had numerous issues and personal problems in my life which had a significant influence on my self-confidence and self-esteem, which would also lead me into a state of deep depression. I had problems such as being overweight, having a growing bald patch on my head, plus I'm quite short in height compared to the average man.

I was in a very deep state of depression and found it very difficult to pull myself out of it. The stress for example of socializing when you have a low self-esteem and also the fact of being unemployed at the moment would take a great deal out of me. My hair began to turn gray when I was only twenty-one years of age.

I was not ok, and was becoming more depressed and at the age of twenty-two, I decided to attempt to alter my whole life. I knew I had to learn a whole new method along with a completely different thought procedure of how was my mind working; I just needed to relax a little, think in a more positive way and learn how to live without stressing all the time.

This was not going to be something easy to learn, nevertheless for me it was essential and critical to do. I started to read different spiritual and self-help. They were teaching me that worrying about things tends to make it even harder and drain your energy, it doesn't make it better or easier, and it doesn't help at all. Also I understood that in life all you can do is to try your very best at all times, therefore whatever the outcome you can feel proud that you gave it your very best shot. It's also important to keep in mind that we only live this life once and it could easily come to an end tomorrow in the blink of an eye, therefore we should treat each day as if it is the last and should learn to love and appreciate ourselves as we are.

The most important change I made was that I started to think and evaluate my lifestyle focusing myself to copy the blueprint of individuals that had achieved what I wanted to in my dreams. I was studying about them reading books and watching seminars. This was a better practice than comparing my life to my friends for instance. Another thing that helps me, was to realize all the things that I have in my life; from studying about third world nations and their situation, I realized what a fool I had been and that I was really one of the lucky ones. If and when I start feeling down or depressed, I simply remember or quickly tune in to the news and it soon shakes me out of that temporary depressive state.

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