Monday, February 3, 2014

Marriage Problems - Recognize the Common Signs of Female Depression

You had a great marriage but now you have marriage problems. You were happy, your husband was happy, and the children were happy. Then... you gave birth, there was a tragedy in the family, or just all of a sudden out of nowhere, you don't feel yourself and you don't act yourself. You started to feel guilty about all types of things, you started eating compulsively, or you just withdraw from things. It is very likely that this is the beginning of depression, and if you want to get better and fix up your marriage problems then you better get help as soon as possible before it gets even worse.

In this article I will show some of the common symptoms of depression so you will know to get the proper help.

Some of the common emotions that a depressed FEMALE feels (interestingly men have different symptoms) are:

Feelings of self blame, guilt, and worthlessness. It isn't clear if these feelings are symptoms of depression or the cause of the depression. However, for us laymen there is no practical difference. Since they come together with depression, if you experience such feelings for a few weeks, then it is a sign that you are depressed and you need help. This is regardless if these feeling caused the depression or are the result of the depression.

Some other common emotions that are telltale signs of female depression are feeling sad apathetic, or frightened.

The signs of depression are not limited to a change in mood and emotions. A change in the way you act could also be a sign that you are depressed.

For instance, a woman who gets depressed, loses her zest and liveliness and becomes very slow, lethargic.

They sleep much more than usual. (As opposed to men who suffer from depression, who sleep less.)

They don't jump into projects like they used to but rather they procrastinate and push off even simple household chores. And when they finally get around to doing what they have to do, they do it much slower then they ordinarily did.

Another group of behavior that points towards depression is conduct that is really a derivative of the feeling of worthlessness; they lose personal boundaries, give into other peoples wishes, and let people walk over them. They also avoid all types of conflict (feeling that they have no right to think what they think) and are very afraid of success.

Another typical sign of female depression is excessive eating. Here also it is not clear if the binge eating is a direct result of depression or that they binge eat to punish themselves for their mood.

Depression causes marriage problems and is dangerous. The good news is that it is also treatable. Recognize the signs of depression in order to get the help you need and fix up your marriage problems and start to life live once again.

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