Saturday, February 8, 2014

How to Save Big With Health Insurance

This recession has taken a toll on nearly every American and no place has it hit us harder than with health insurance and healthcare costs. It has been stated that the number one cause for bankruptcies in the US is healthcare crises and lack of proper health insurance and coverage. All it takes is for you to go and take one visit to the doctor and what used to be $100 bill or so is now easily $400 or even $500 or more.

All it takes is for the doctor to prescribe some lab tests and your bill will quickly escalate to several hundred dollars. This doesn't even include any prescribed medication that you have to pick up at your local pharmacy. Now usually you can get the pharmaceutical costs of your prescriptions down by asking for generics and to do this right you must tell your doctor before they give you a prescription that you want a generic. If you don't do this you will go to the pharmacist with a non-generic prescription and they will most likely tell you that it is not available in generic form. This happens on purpose because the doctor and pharmacist all get paid a commission or similar based on how many non-generic prescriptions they write.

Now let's get back to the purchase article which show you how to save money with health insurance. I just want to show you how healthcare costs can quickly get out of hand if you don't have healthcare coverage or inadequate health insurance. Now the best way to get where save money on health insurance nowadays is by searching online and getting a quote online. There's only a few websites online that I recommend you use select a quote and Ehealthinsurance. Through these sites you can submit one application to numerous companies and you can get a quick quote for several different policies and you can even compare different plans, coverages, etc...

Be sure and read all the fine or small print as subtle differences could make huge changes in your monthly payments and coverages. Also be sure and look into the difference in add-ons like dental coverage, zero deductible prescriptions ( some companies have this and some don't), higher total insurance coverage amounts (Aetna allows you to select a higher total like 7 million instead of 2 million), etc...

Be wary of sites that tell you they will give you instant quote and then after you've entered in your information they tell you that an insurance trouble contact you. Many sites like this will try and send a scammy insurance representative to your house whom will try and sell you on high deductible low coverage insurance which basically doesn't cover anything but with the promise of a free ambulatory helicopter flight from anywhere in the world if needed - just be sure and read the fine print because this probably isn't even covered under most circumstances anyway. So there are some scams to beware of.

The easiest way to root out the scams is to not answer your home phone and to tell them that they need to send you the actual quotes through your e-mail. If they cannot do this they are scam. So go online and use select a quote and ehealthinsurance to get your free quick quotes and compare the various plans and costs and save yourself some big money on your health insurance.

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