Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What Does It Feel Like When You Are Depressed?

Just a little about me, my name is Rebecca White and I have dealt with some form of depression my whole life. I have heard it all: "Why don't you just snap out it of it?" or "Your life is fine so what do you have to be depressed about?" it doesn't matter what goes on in my life depression has nothing to do with what is going on around me.

I wrote this short article to help others know how it feels when a person is suffering from depression. Its not the best article but this article was written on one of my "bad days".

I can be on the top of the world one day and the next wake up with this over whelming urge to cry, to not do anything, and not know why I went to bed the night before happy and woke up like nothing is going to go right.

Depression can stem from a chemical imbalance, or from dealing with a stress in your life that you cannot seem to handle.

What does it feel like to be depressed?

The world around you feels like it is gray, you don't realize the beautiful things that are going on around you. You don't notice the butterflies or the wonderful rainbows in the sky after a rain.

You feel like you are alone even in a crowd.

You don't feel like you are worth it, or that no one loves you even when in truth those around them will tell them they are loved.

You don't feel successful, you feel like a constant failure, even if you are not.

You don't feel joy out of the small things, you don't really notice what is going on around you. You fail to find joy out of a flower or butterflies

The day to day life just passes you by

Being depressed is not something we who deal with depression want to live with. For some of us the only way to cope is to take depression meds to help us deal with the depression and help improve our chemical imbalance.

My hope is that if you can read how a person feels when they are depressed someone will have a better knowledge of how to help the loved one by knowing what he/she may be feeling.

Help your loved one seek out professional help, be there for them, try your best not to say the old cliche's those do not help no matter how much you think it will. To be honest telling us to snap out of it will only sink some of us farther down as it will only enforce what we ourselves are feeling.

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