Saturday, January 18, 2014

How to Deal With Job Interview Rejection

I experienced job interview rejection yesterday but that did not deter me to stay focused and positive. Instead of burrowing myself into the pit of self-pity, depression and stagnation, I bravely dealt the issue and came out stronger and determined than ever. With this in mind, I would like to share some insights on how to face job interview rejection, get over it and move forward.

1. Accept reality

This is very important. First, you need to accept that you cannot please everybody. In a job interview you are trying to prove your worth and give the interviewer an impression of what you have and what you can do. Though you try real hard to convince them that you are fit for the job, sometimes, it isn't enough and you end up rejected.

Second, you may think that you are good enough for the job you're applying for but you aren't and you end up rejected. Learn to accept this facts and you will be in a better position to see what you need to improve.

2. Don't take the rejection personally

A job interview is not a measure of your self-worth. A company has a specific set of criteria in finding a specific applicant that fits the job. Your not being a perfect match doesn't mean you're not good at other areas.

3. Take rejection in a different perspective

It's how you see it. If you view rejection as a gauge of your total being then you will get frustrated, disappointed and you will lose self-worth. Instead of viewing rejection as a failure, take it as an opportunity to assess yourself of your strengths and weaknesses and a chance to improve yourself in areas where you are weak.

4. Relax. Treat yourself.

Literally, you need to unwind and free your mind from negative thoughts. Grab a meal from your favorite burger stand, go to the beach and watch the sun as it sets. Or you can go to a nature park and amuse yourself with the wonders of nature.

Cook your favorite meal. Not only will you be able to have a feast of your favorite filet mignon or fettuccine alfredo, you will also enhance your cooking skill.

For relaxation, I listen to my favorite piano music: Roy Todd's Piano Portrait while having a sip of my favorite Davao Robusta coffee. The aroma is soothing and invigorating.

5. Visit a friend and have a chitchat

Engage yourself in a fun and entertaining conversation with your friend. You may choose to organize an on-the-spot get-together with some of your closest friends. Have fun time with them and energize yourself with laughter. No topics about jobs and rejection. Remember, you are with them to enjoy, not to share your remorse.

6. Read motivational quotes; watch inspirational videos

Your friends, relatives or family members maybe busy at this time so you don't have anyone to talk to. Be not dismayed. You can find comfort and encouraging words through motivational quotes. You may choose to watch inspirational videos. Remember, you are not alone in this situation. There are people out there who experienced the same thing. Learn and draw strength from their story of success.

7. Focus on your strength

Each of us has his/her own field of expertise. Focus on what you are really good at and not on your imperfections. Enhancing your strength instead of blaming yourself will make you better.

8. Pray. Ask for Guidance

What we want may not always what we get. And in some cases, we do not get what we need at the time when we badly need it. Ask for guidance through prayer. Leave all doubts behind. There's more opportunities in the world. Be diligent. Seek more and you will find more. If God closes a door, He opens a window.

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