Saturday, January 18, 2014

Depression - Physical Reasons For Developing Depression Explored

Do you know what the possible physical and environmental causes of depression may be? What are the symptoms to look out for in a person? This article touches on the subject of physical reasons for depression disorder.

Depression is generally defined as a serious medical illness that adversely affects your feelings, thoughts and actions. Desperate and fearful thoughts characterize the mind of a sufferer. There are a number of diverse symptoms associated with depression disorder. Here are a few to refresh your memory:

- Struggling to think with any clarity.
- Cannot seem to make decisions.
- Feeling worthless and insignificant.
- Irritable and restless.
- Lack of energy and action.
- Sleeping problems such as too much or too little sleep.
- Eating disorders resulting in weight gain or weight loss.

Depression has become more common during the past few decades. Approximately 10% of the general population are negatively influenced by it. Women are more frequently diagnosed with depression than men. The average age of onset seems to be from the teenage years to the mid-twenties. If untreated it may lead to thoughts of suicide and death as well as suicide attempts.

First, let us look at some emotional and social causes of sadness and brief periods of depression.

- Death of a friend or family member.
- Losing your job.
- Ending a relationship.

If handled correctly, these periods of sadness and adjustment after loss will get better and people can continue with their lives towards new jobs and relationships. Depression is different in that it becomes a chronic illness that requires treatment.

Let us now look at a few physical causes of depression.

- Childbirth may lead to postpartum depression due to hormonal changes as well as other less defined factors.
- Imbalances between the brain chemicals serotonin and norepinephrine might cause anxiety and depressive symptoms.
- Genetics may also play a role.
- Vitamin deficiencies can cause some of the symptoms.
- A medical condition such as heart disease or brain cancer may also cause depression.

It is important to rule out the potential physical reasons for depression before looking at the emotional causes for depression such as abuse, neglect and violence. A psychiatrist or physician can examine you and run some tests to rule out or confirm a physical reason for your depression disorder. Depression is viewed as a treatable illness. People may become better in varying degrees after seeking treatment. A psychiatrist can examine you physically as well as look at your history, culture and living environment. He may take all these different factors into account and then prescribe the most reasonable treatment. Possible treatment for depression may include medication and psychotherapy.

It is important to seek professional help if you are concerned about your own wellness or the health of a loved one. Depression is treatable and it is possible to cope with its challenges and problems if you have the right information and professional help.

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