Thursday, January 16, 2014

Manic Depression or Bipolar Disorder - Safe Treatment Through Dream Translation

Manic depression or bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by the abrupt change of mood. On one hand, it generates exaggerated feelings and reactions (euphoria). Bipolar individuals feel so positive they believe they can do even what is beyond human capacity. On the other hand, it generates depression. Depending on the case, this disorder can have the characteristics of a psychosis.

This mysterious mental disorder could be enlightened thanks to the discoveries of the psychiatrist Carl Jung concerning the meaning of dreams, and thanks to my discoveries. I continued Jung's research, completing his arduous mission. Today we know that whenever someone suffers from manic depression or bipolar disorder, they are controlled by their anti-conscience.

The anti-conscience is the wild and primitive side of our conscience, which didn't evolve like our human side. This primitive content generates mental illnesses and mental disorders within our human conscience.

Whenever the absurd content of the anti-conscience invades the human side of our conscience, we have absurd thoughts and feelings, and we show abnormal behavior. However, this content cannot remain in our conscience if we don't follow the absurd thoughts imposed by our evil anti-conscience.

The anti-conscience is our wild personality, which refuses to be tamed by our sensibility and sensitivity. Some people are inclined to follow its absurd thoughts, and this is why they suffer from bipolar disorder, or any other mental disorder or mental illness.

Depending on the degree of domination of the anti-conscience into someone's conscious field, they will suffer from a different mental disorder or mental illness. Manic depression or bipolar disorder is only one mental disorder among an infinite list of mental disorders, which are all generated by the craziness of the anti-conscience.

Now that this mystery was solved, we can cure individuals who suffer from manic depression by eliminating their anti-conscience through consciousness. This is done through dream translation.

Carl Jung discovered the importance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. I discovered proof of the unconscious sanctity. My discoveries are gradually putting an end to the atheism that characterizes our civilization. The unconscious mind is a saintly mind that works like a natural doctor. It can be absolutely trusted without fear.

When we master the dream language we understand the wise unconscious guidance in our dreams. The dream images are the unconscious words. All dream images have a symbolic meaning and give us precious information.

I greatly simplified Jung's method of dream interpretation. Today everyone can easily learn how to translate dream images into words that they understand. Thus, everyone can fight against manic depression or bipolar disorder through dream therapy. The unconscious treatment is safe and effective in all cases. Numerous people were cured from all types of mental disorders and mental illnesses through dream translation.

However, individuals who suffer from manic depression need the support of someone else in order to follow dream therapy without giving up. This happens because they are controlled by their anti-conscience most of the time. Their anti-conscience doesn't let them accept passing through a process of consciousness that eliminates its influence.

In case you suffer from manic depression yourself and you don't have anyone's support, you must be insistent. Keep following the unconscious guidance in your dreams. You will surely find peace and sound mental health. The unconscious mind will help you build a uniform and self-confident personality. You'll stop suffering, and become a wise human being.

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